Friday, October 06, 2006

Busy week...

...but still knitting...and still not taking pictures...

Tuesday I did nothing. By the time knittin' time came around - sometime between dinner and 10pm - I was spent. So I popped in Viggo II, sat back and relaxed - without knitting.

Wednesday was another rough day, but I did manage to finish up Om Bag 2 - while watching Viggo III - until 1am - as many times as I've seen this movie (ahhhh Viggo), I just-couldn't-shut-it-off.

Thursday was pretty much a fog - stayed up too late Wednesday night...hee hee...but I worked more on the Fuzzy Harlot S.E.X. scarf on the way to work and then relaxed last night watching Amelie. What a fabulous movie - I was tired, but it was so good, I watched the whole thing through. No knitting last night either. Amelie is a very visual movie - plus it had subtitles - and I didn't want to miss a thing.

Today I was on the train from home to work with no stops to drop off Spencer (he's on a school camping trip), so I got a lot of knitting in on the Fuzzy Harlot S.E.X. scarf. It's almost done. I should be able to finish it on the way home.

Tonight I will try and finish up the Kittyville hat. All I need is the kitty ears. Then I will have 3 FO's this week and will just have to start another project this weekend. Damn.

Meanwhile, the RYS II still hides. I think I will be ready to work on that again this weekend. The urge to rip it up has past, but I want to spend today finishing up the last bits of the two projects before I sit down with it again. While I knit on it, I will think up more projects to start.

Tonight I think I'll pop in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while I'm finishing up the hat. I've seen it before so I know when to look up, etc. Although I really like Chow Yun Fat , so I may be watching more than knitting. Just loved him in The Replacement Killers.

I love foreign films - with subtitles - on chilly autumn nights.

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  1. Yeah, well...good weekend to stay in and watch movies. Traffic is going to SUCK around the Bay Area this weekend, although maybe not so much in your neck of the woods.

    I looooved Amelie. And I love foreign flicks, big time.