Monday, October 23, 2006

FOs and WIPs

Off the needles, my 'project' for this Wednesday. You'll see it later this week. Here's a wee peek... I swear it's a dark 'foresty' type green and not teal.


Cigar - I get in a few rows every now and then

Something - I've added beads and they look great with the yarn. I was right to take a chance on buying these beads. On Friday, 'Something' was 3 inches of garter, then the beading started on Sunday afternoon - 3 more inches. Why bead this? Why not. Goodness knows I've got enough beads. This section is about 200 beads and there isn't even a dent in the bag...

And the plain knitting continued - by Sunday night it was up to almost 12 inches.

The RYS II is hiding again. I think it's afraid I might frog it. Poor thing. And I suppose it has a good reason to be. I keep looking at it with a crazed look in my eye. Must. Frog. Something. Time to buy a thrift store sweater...

Still haven't cast on the Wine Cozy. Guess I'll wait a bit on that.

I'm still thinking something is missing from my 'green not teal' project for Wed night. I'll have to go hunting in my stashes (sewing and knitting) to see what I come up with...

OOOh! Almost forgot. Antonella surprised me with a book today (Thanks A! You rock!). About Sock Monkeys. Love it. If I remember, I'll post a photo.

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