Monday, October 23, 2006

I won something!

Hey! Maybe this means my luck is changing for the better. Sure hope so because last night I looked for a white flag to know, the whole 'I surrender' thing from Friday?

OK OK I'll tell you what I won already...

I won the Lance Lawson Comics Sweepstakes over at Zeeppo's blog. I got a mention in his blog today, and my Blog is linked on his sidebar for the week. He's a clown who knits - how cool is that?!? I found him thru Stephieface, who I found thru SweaterProject who I found thru YarnHarlot.

I've got lots to post (sorry not today, too busy with real life). But here's a preview for this week:

  • Proof of my black thumb - maybe I should save that for Halloween, it's scary.
  • FO's
  • WIPs
  • Knitting with beads - yes, I'm finally using my flea market bag o' beads and they are gorgeous! Gorgeous I tell you - soon, I'll show you too.
  • Meeting blog friends - that one's for later this week as it happens on Wednesday.

Of course, I must state that this can and probably will change, 'cause I do that sometimes, 'cause I can and change is good don't you know.

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