Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knitting, Decompressing, and An Adventure Begins Part I

Hi Everyone! (Yes, other people - besides me - do read this - regulary - and that still freaks me out...I'll get over it.)

I've been busy with life and work and being lazy (that takes up the most time), so it's been a while since my last post.

First, with the knitty progress:

Friday night was the only night I managed to pick up the needles.

Here's the Fuzzy Harlot S.E.X. scarf as it was after the commute:

And Finished. Modeled by the lovely Sammie - who proceeded to claim it's lushious fuzziness as her own. I have since taken it back, de-furred it, and it sits in the 'gifting drawer'.

The Kittyville Hat...

And now modeled by yours truly. Meow.

Two FO's as predicted. The RYS II has come out of hiding, but I did not knit on it or anything else. Today that will change. This afternoon, I hop on a train to San Jose (all together now - Do you know the way to San Jose...) for a Transit Conference. Bippie holds the RYS II, yarn to start a new shawl, Spencer's old GameBoy (I've got the high score on Pokemon Pinball - over 5 billion baby!), and a manga book - .HACK. Spencer says I'll like it. I'm game, what the heck.

Saturday, I saw The Illusionist with my friend Gary. I had no idea what the movie was about going in, but I liked it. Especially the ending. I should have known, but I was still surprised. I like when a movie surprises me. Afterwards, we went to another friend's house for dinner and the craziest karaoke ever. Still need to make sure those photos are deleted. Todd, you need to get rid of those, seriously. ;)

Sunday, I ended up at the Burning Man Decompression Street Party with Spencer and some friends. I swear, Bay Area Folks will use any excuse to dress up (or down - waaaay down) . So we dressed up and headed out. If you were in costume, you got in for half admission. I'll buy that.

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  1. Ok, the kittyhat looks totally adorable on you (tollllld ya'). If we ever hook up, we need to take a shot together with mine on, too.

    I saw the Illusionist and loved it. I keep saying this, but we've got awfully similar tastes in movies.