Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Lone Knitter No More

OK, so I'm finally posting about my first ever goes...

On Wednesday, October 25th, I ventured out after a very long work day with my faithful Bippie filled with knitting projects - both done and in progress. I set out to meet AmpuT and her SnB friends at a local Cafe.

Nervous and excited, I made my way to the Cafe. I knew they would all be nice (I have yet to meet a knitter I didn't like) and that I would have a good time. Still, I'm shy by nature (yeah I am. Really. I am.) and hoped that I wouldn't dork out and whatnot.

When I got to the Cafe, there were about 6 or so knitters there already. I didn't spot AmpuT, she wasn't there yet. I introduced myself and sat down, pulled out my knitting and relaxed. Got a pot of peppermint tea and settled in. The conversations ran the gamut. From WIPs to spinning wheels, to local gallery exhibits, to quilts, to trips to Italy, to different types of yarn.

As the night wore on a few knitters came and went. AmpuT came her Hallowig. Up til this point, no one else had a wig on - mine was in Bippie. I finally pulled mine out and put it on - roots and all. ha ha. One knitter was still working on her wig - it was a nice light purple. Another had made hers out of yarn she had spun herself. One more knitter arrived in her Hallowig. We sat and knit with our wigs on - then it was time for photos.

L to R: Beanmama, me and AmpuT (Edit: links updated).

I should really have leaned forward a bit to show my roots. You can't really see them in the pictures.

Me and AmpuT in our Kittyville Hats

Afterwards more knitting - well, watching and listening on my part. I seem to have a problem talking and knitting at the same time. I put up my "Something" and just hung out. It was great to see the different styles of knitting, the different projects (one was a gorgeous quilt - simply gorgeous), the tiny knitting needles. Size 0s and 1s. I knit with some 0s once and don't know if I'll ever do it again. Doesn't look like I'll be knitting socks any time soon...

Would have loved to touch all the yarn and all - check out all the projects up close - but I am sensitive to wools and animal fibers in general. Bummer. I was doing ok for most of the evening, but towards the end could feel the allergies kick in. Dammit. Guess I'll have to go to more group knitting events - maybe I'll work up some resistance to the wool. Eventually.

Overall, I had a great time sharing in something we all love to do. AmpuT was fun and really is as beautiful in person as she is in the photos. The whole group was welcoming and warm and treated me like I've been coming forever. I wish I had Wednesdays free so I could go every week.

One thing has stuck with me for the last few days. AmpuT asked why, after all the years I've been knitting, is this the first time I've ever group knit? Good question. I've been thinking about it for a few days now and think I've finally come up with an answer, but I'll write about that in another post when I've figured out how to organize my thoughts.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my new book "Sock Monkey Dreams".

See that afghan in the background? My Grandma L (who, along with my Mom, taught me to knit, crochet, and sew when I was 6) made that for me when I was 17 and going off to college. I still have it, still use it, still love it. Made out of lime green and lemon yellow stripes, trimmed all around in beige.

Well, it's late, and I've got to relax a bit and hit the sack. Tomorrow is a big day. We are going to the Corn Maze with Antonella and Todd and maybe Gary too if he doesn't have to work.

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  1. It was so cool to meet you. I hope you can come again some time!

    Hazmat suit maybe?