Friday, October 20, 2006

Please tell me that yes, it is indeed Friday...

I am so ready for the weekend.

This past week and a half has been rough. I have the sudden urge to throw up my arms and scream "I surrender!" .

Work has been rough, personal life has been rough (does anyone know how to remove Super Glue from a metal sink?), but thank God the knitting continues - and I've gotten a new high score on my Poke-me-mon Pinball. Remember when I was packing for San Jose and said I had the high score of 5 billion? I was dillusional it seems. In reality, it was 2.4 billion. Now the high score is 2.5 billion - and those are still my initials next to that high score. Nyah!

On the needles:
  • RYS II - I still haven't knit any on it. With this last week, it's better that way.
  • Cigar - I've backed off a bit on this one, you'll see why in a bit
  • My 'other project' for next week - I'm making it in dark green, but I'm thinking now that is too conservative. I've still got a bit left to go, so maybe I'll make stripes or 'roots' or add some other sort of embellishment. You'll see it next week. Nyuk Nyuk.
  • New Project - this one is a definite 'stress knitter' project. I took the last ball of recycled yarn (approx 400 yds of the same stuff I'm using on the RYS II) and I started 'something'. Size 13 needles, 81 stitches, knit every row. Knit Donna knit. See Donna knit. Donna likes to knit. Knit Donna knit.

See Donna de-stress. Ahhhh.

All stress and no knit, freaks Donna out.

1 comment:

  1. Roots. bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot WAIT to see what you do with it LOL. I saw a pic of one online that was done up in puke green mohair. It was awesome.

    I started mine in a deep plum color that looked great in daylight, but once evening rolled around it ended up looking black. So I scrapped it and went with the obnixious color instead.