Thursday, February 08, 2007

ETA? We don't need no ETA.

I have discovered that Spence doesn't really get the whole concept of the passage of time as well as he thinks he does. Therefore, the whole 'estimated time of arrival' (ETA) thing is moot. Case in point:

Following conversation takes place via cell phone texting while we are trying to meet up at the train station after karate/work yesterday...

Me: How close are you?
Him: About 10 minutes maybe 7 or 8
Me: Gud I'm here already
Him: OK

16 minutes later, he shows up. In the meantime, my ears are bleeding because I am being subjected to the WORST EVER SAX PLAYER (Suxman) at the train station. And I'm hungry. And now thanks to Suxman, I've got a splitting headache. And in case you didn't realize it, I'm cranky.

We've really got to work on his ETA estimation skills.

On to today's knitting content...

Only two projects on the needles right now. Gerson's Kittyville hat and the Phoenix Shawl. I haven't really touched the Phoenix in weeks. The Kittyville hat needs the Kitty ears and it's done. I've been trying to start up the Knucks, but can't seem to get going. I tried yesterday at lunch with my metal dpns but they kept slipping out, so I went and bought myself some bamboo dpns after lunch. I've got some periwinkle colored cotton that I want to start something up with, but I haven't found a pattern yet. Haven't really looked all that hard though.

I'm back to the hands wanting to knit NOW, but the brain can't figure out what to knit. It's very frustrating.

And No, Cherry, I haven't hit "PLAY" just yet.


  1. Hah! Spencer sounds like me. Although I have approved a touch over these last few years. Just a touch.

  2. ok, it's the exact opposite in my house. She's constantly bugging me, Are you ready yet???? I guess it's funner to be going to school than to work. Well, hell yea it is!