Friday, February 16, 2007

Fly Who? Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?

OK, so the FlyLady thing isn't going so well. Believe it or not, it's too regimented for me. So....I'm going to stick with my haphazard (can you say psychotic?) way of organizing. It works for me, so I'll stick with it 'til I find something else (maybe). Besides, the 10-15 emails a day were driving me nuts. I got off the mailing list, but will continue to reference the website as I need it. I do that with another organizing website as well. They are quite helpful. I'll continue to update my organizing attempts on Fridays. I'll have to think of something else to call my Friday posts now. Any ideas?

Anyway, on with the fun. I've got lots to tell you today.

First off, my Chicago Bear stuffed bear has finally come out of his funk to let me know exactly how he feels about the Bears losing to the Colts in the Superbowl. Let's just say he's finally changed his expression....

...I know how you feel my friend.

Next, we have some flowers. Got these from my friends for V-Day. Aren't they pretty?

Something else I got on V-Day...a package from our very own Walking Rachel!

Kitty is checking it out. And now for the fun part. What was inside. A very sweet note and some goodies. I felt like I was playing with some nesting dolls...

Inside the FedEx bag was...

A ziplock bag of goodies! Inside the ziplock bag was...yarn and another sandwich baggie.

The yarn is SWTC Bamboo and the tan colored yarn is Karabella cotton. Gorgeous! And such a sweet treat.

And finally, inside the sandwich baggie was the original purpose of the package. Some old jewelry and beads for me to use to make stuff. (Rachel pays attention...)

Lots of fun will be had from this small, simple, sweet package.

Which leads us into the reason why I didn't post about all this yesterday. I was making tags and packing up a few sets of these...

Pink Ribbon Stitch Markers.

I think they look great all packed up. Thanks to my Font Consultant (Antonella) for helping me pick out just the right one to use for the tag.

Four Pink Ribbon Marker sets are on their way to Deborah at Yarndogs down in Los Gatos. Deborah is another walker on the Knitters for Knockers team doing the AVON Walk in July. I contacted her earlier this week asking to donate the markers for fundraising. She is going to take these sets to Stitches West next week and sell them at the Yarndogs Booth (#'s 824, 826 and 828) to raise money for the AVON Walk. (Each walker needs to have $1800 minimum of donations.) They'll be winding up some skeins for Stitches attendees to raise money too. Stop by and show them some love - and buy the markers - and get your yarn wound up. Rachel says she'll be there for a few hours balling up yarn, so stop by and say HI! Wish I could head down there, but it's not in the plans this year. Besides, I can't touch anything anyway!

Anywhoo, I plan on using the jewelry bits and beads that Rachel sent me to make more stuff to help them raise funds. I'll be sending it all over the next few weeks to the Yarndogs store, so if you live close by, go check it out, and help these ladies raise some dough.

And last, but not least - actual organizing content. I went through several boxes Wednesday night looking for supplies to make the tags. Instead of just rifling through the boxes like I usually do, as I went through them, I threw out, recycled, put away, and bagged up for donation a whole bunch of stuff. YAY ME! Damn that felt good.

Lookee what I found!

Isn't it gorgeous? An abalone shell tatting shuttle. Found in a bag 'o "sewing things" that I bought at the thrift store for $1. I love it. Now to learn how to use it...

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  1. You are so freaking lucky. The only things I ever find in boxes of stuff I packed away are too creepy to mention.

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