Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Having a guest blogger is great...

Hey! It's Boobie Tueday and I'm still really busy, so take it away Rachel:

Would I like some cheese to go with my whine?

It was a low mileage week for me. I usually walk 5 days a week, including 2 long workouts on the weekend. But this thing called Stitches West got in the way. Doors opened at 10:00 so I could have walked beforehand, but I needed to save my energy for my all-day yarn crawl, right? (This is where you all nod in agreement – ‘yes, of course’.) I took Friday off from work, got to the Santa Clara Convention Center around 10:30 and spent the next 5 hours wandering the floor checking out all the fiber. A lot of the booths had standard run-of-the-mill yarn, some had huge bins full of bags marked 75% off – but upon closer look I realized it’s stuff I’d never buy anyway – and then there were a few that had some absolutely lovely stuff at reasonable prices. Not cheap, but definitely great value. I picked up some roving (I’m about to order my 1st spinning wheel), a huge hank of 100% rayon from Interlacements, 2 nearly-as-huge hanks of 100% raw silk from Tess’ Designer Yarns, and a skein of Socks that Rock sock yarn in a really cool peach/brown/cream combo from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Oh yes – and a bag of Lana Knits 100% hemp that was on the half-price wall at Full Thread Ahead.

The next day I went back to Stitches to work in the Yarndogs booth – we were winding yarn in exchange for donations to raise money for our Avon walk team. Holy cow was it busy! I got there at 2:00, and there were already bags of yarn lined up for winding. A few skeins we received were pre-tangled, which really slowed us down – we had to deal with those by hand. I was supposed to leave at 5:00 but it was pretty crazy so I stuck around until a little after 6:00. I even took home a bag of yarn to wind at home, and I’ll drop it off at the shop tomorrow. I don’t know how much money we raised – I’ll get to find out then.

So. Walking. I’m supposed to be talking about that. Yes. Well. My walking partner had been sick all week and decided to lay low for the weekend, so I was on my own. I got up Sunday and spent most of the day dragging around. Tired, tired, tired. And sore. And stiff. After all, I probably walked 417 miles on Friday, and another 182 on Saturday, not to mention the eleventy pound bag I carried around. That should be enough of a workout for the weekend, right? I really was going to cash it in – I’m ahead of the game in training and a break isn’t a bad thing. After all, I was really tired. And sore. And stiff too, did I mention that? Then I started thinking about the walk – and how in July, no matter how tired and sore and whiny I am that Sunday, I’m going to have to suck it up and walk 13 miles that day anyway. So I might as well get used to walking even when I don’t feel up for it. Crap. I hate it when I think of things like that. But off I went. And it wasn’t that hard! Actually, it was easy – I started out slowly but picked up speed after the first half-mile, and managed to do just over 3 miles at a decent speed. Less than my usual Sunday trek but so much more than I thought I could do. I came home feeling pretty damn fine. Then of course it was back into soft clothes (after a shower, I swear) and time to park on the couch with the laptop. And latte instead of whine.


Good for you for walking on Sunday anyway! You're right in thinking that way - and once you start the walk, there's so much adrenaline around you, there's no way you can stop anyway! There will be enough time to feel the soreness over the week after it's all done.

Sounds like Stitches was fun. Some year, I'll spring for a hazmat suit and hit the Market. If I can't touch, I can at least look. But I have a feeling in the next few years, we'll see even more non-wool choices. How exciting!!!!

Well, that was easy. See you all later.

Oh yeah! I picked up the needles again this morning on the way in to work. They felt good in my hands. It's going to be a good day.

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