Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello Mr Sunshine!

Such a nice sunny morning in San Francisco today.

Welcome all to Boobie Tuesday.

And on we go to Rachel's update:

Miscellaneous thoughts:

The Sore-Bun isn’t just a university in Paris

I didn’t get as much mileage in as usual this week. Part of it was the rain – I actually like walking in the rain, but a lot of my shorter (2.5 mile) workouts are done during my lunch hour and I don’t want to come back in the office drenched and cold. The other part is that in preparation for those San Francisco hills, my walking partner and I opted to get a good workout today on some much steeper terrain than we’re used to. It was really pretty, a lot of fun, and there were some great views. But holy crap, my butt hurts!

Apparently I want to bitch-slap know-it-alls (though I didn’t)

I went to an injury prevention workshop this week, given by a local chiropractor. She works the Avon walk, both at the event and by leading training walks. It was definitely time well spent – I learned a few things, and I plan on going on a few of her walks so I can learn more about stretching. I also learned how very much I appreciate my team. A few people at the workshop who had done the walk last year acted incredibly superior, and quite frankly, obnoxious. I’m glad the women I’m spending my time with compete only with themselves, and they’re nothing but accepting and supportive. And damned funny. I think I really lucked out!

Some things I learned this week

My GPS can withstand a full round in the washing machine, including soap and spinning. Don’t ask. Let’s just say I’m thankful.

If you hold a stretch for more than 30 seconds, something changes physiologically in the muscle and it is MUCH more effective. I noticed the difference today. With the exception of the sore buns – but I don’t think I stretched those.

I shouldn’t try to knit lace in the dark.

Fundraising isn’t as scary as I thought

I have wonderful friends. The minimum amount you have to raise to be able to participate in this walk is $1,800 (my personal goal is $3,600). I made the minimum in less than 3.5 weeks! I knew most of my friends would donate – they just completely blew me away with their generosity. I’ve even received donations from people I don’t know – maybe someone who reads this blog. Who knows! It is very much appreciated. I haven’t even acted on all of my fundraising ideas yet; it’s entirely possible I’ll meet my goal – wouldn’t it be cool if I had to raise it? Maybe I’ll talk sometime about some of the things I did to raise the money.

Well that’s it for now. I’m going to re-knit the lace I screwed up so royally in the dark last night. I thought I was capable of counting to 10 but apparently not.



Don't know about you guys, but I enjoyed reading this one. Congrats to Rachel on her bitch-slap self control. Loved the Sore-Bun part. Hee Hee. I discovered a whole lotta muscles I didn't know I had or hadn't used in forever when I was in training. Just when I thought I had it covered, I did the walk and discovered a whole bunch more...

Here's another tip - this one from my doctor. When I was thinking about doing the walk and my doc gave me the pre-diabetic news, I asked what should I do for a sports drink? On the walk they have Gatorade and that's not exactly a good thing for a diabetic. They also provide water - which is the best thing ever for everyone. She said substitute V8 for the Gatorade, eat the fruit they give you at the rest stops and if they have peanut butter snackage, go for it - and don't forget the water. If you have a good support system - also known as family and really good friends who would give up their weekend to meet you along the route with fresh V8 and possible other more diabetic friendly snacks - this will work great. Otherwise you've got to work with what they have or, carry it yourself.

Oh and one more thing Gatorade related that I remember from past walks. Figure out your Sports drink of choice ahead of time. Start walking with it. Get used to drinking it and get your body used to processing it. I actually diluted the Gatorade 2/3 to 1/3 water - I don't like sports drinks at all - yuk. That's the only way I could handle drinking so much of it. I also had a fanny pack that carried two bottles. One of the mix and one of water. This also helps you get used to carrying the weight on your hips.

Which leads me to something else I did to prepare. About a month or 2 before the actual walk, load up your fanny pack with the stuff you think you'll be taking with you. Walk with it, switch it up, add, subtract - by the time walk time comes around, you'll be used to carrying it all.

Take it easy folks and enjoy the sunshine if you've got it. ~D~ out.

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