Monday, February 26, 2007

Let's go over the list, shall we?

OK, so here I am. I've been busy. Very. Busy. It's so suck-u-lanti-christ I can't stand it. This weekend was great. I could have used an extra day. Once again, NO KNITTING! I can't stand it.

So let's take a look back at the list and see what I did this weekend, shall we?

1. Sleep in - hell yes - done!
2. Go for a walk - ummm...nope
3. Make a run to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility - not quite ready for this so that would be another nope
4. Paint toenails - nope
5. Color hair - nope
6. Vacuum - yes, yes, yes!
7. Take a nap - can you believe another nope?
8. Hit the elyptical - d'oh, another nope
9. Watch a movie or two - can't believe I'm saying this - nope!
10. Stay up way too late - again, miracles never cease - nope
11. Play my guitar (yes, I do this - have started up again now that Spence is taking lessons - didn't realize how much I missed doing this - and yes, there is singing involved) - unfortunately nope - Spencer broke a string on Thursday night and we have yet to replace it

Sunday was spent with friends out and about.

Hmmm...only 2 out of 11 items done. Ask me if I care.

What exactly did I do on Saturday?

  1. Dishes
  2. 6 loads of laundry
  3. Took out trash and recycling
  4. Dusted
  5. Bargain hunted and captured again. I just love my local thrift stores! All things necessary (if only temporary) and small.
  6. Knitty, crafty (tatting), and guitar books brought home from the Half Price Book Store.

Kitty now has her own bed ($8 at the thrift store - and surprise! she's using it!). I have more materials to make up stuff to sell (different thrift store having end of the month 50% off everything sale). I found some cool vintage (1960's) knitting patterns (25 cents each booklet) that I actually think I'm going to have a go at and I found a Bass guitar instruction CD and poster with booklet. The poster shows finger positioning (we've been looking for one of these for a while now) and the CD has "Karaoke" music. The band plays and Spencer would provide the bass guitar part. Sounds cool. Can't wait til he checks it out and gets to use it. (Over at Dad's of course - snicker.)

I see the ticker at the top and smile. Only 49 lbs left to lose. Looks and sounds so much better that 50 lbs. And super dooper gigantically better that 61 lbs to lose.

The ticker at the bottom freaks me out. Still need to lose 8 lbs and I've only got 23 days left.

So what am I gonna do? Keep doing what I am and keep trying to get myself moving more. Right after I go home and collapse into bed.

I'm exhausted from work. If I had a physical job, I don't think I'd feel so bad. These mental jobs are something - they can make one - well - mental. My brain is tired. It wants to go home and go to bed. When the mind's not into it, it's really hard to make the body do what you want or ignore discomfort. Know what I'm saying?

Good thing tomorrow is Boobie Tuesday. You know you'll have something to read from Rachel.

Someday I will post about seeing the Mythbuster guys too.

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