Thursday, February 01, 2007

Private Party...

Excuse me while I hold a private pity party for sucks. 'Nuf said.

And now back to our regular programming....

...It's almost time for the Super Bowl!


Sure wish I could find his hat. It's not a complete outfit without the hat! argh... Guess I know what I'm doing on Saturday.

Still working on Gary's gloves. I did another finger last night. Hope to do the last finger tonight and maybe the thumb? If I can, I can spend tomorrow's train rides weaving in ends. Yay! I really really really hope I can finish them up for Sunday. We're going over to Gary's to watch the Superbowl, so he will be smoking a cigar at some point during the day. They are blue too. Maybe I should duplicate stitch a big "C" on them in orange...heh heh. Just joking G. Maybe.

Moving right new train project is a Kittyville Hat for my friend Gerson. Second try started yesterday. First try, I decided to use a different yarn, didn't like the fabric, so I switched back to what I had used to make mine. Just once I'd like to start a project and not restart and restart, etc etc etc.

And yes, the knitting mojo is still in high gear, so it's going quickly. Once Gary's gloves are done, I'm going to start up on some Knucks - 3 pairs eventually. One for Spence, two others for Xmas gifts - and yes, I know, Xmas is way past. Better late than never and they've got b-days coming up soon, so it'll just be a combined kind of gift thing. Whatever.

Sure wish I would have just done Knucks for Gary. The gloves turned out to be the same as them anyway. I hate doing full fingers. The tips looked like nipples on the end of the fingers. Nuf said, pattern changed, nipples tinked. OK, I'm going to stop now. This could get, well, very naughty...and I'm not going there today...really...I'm not.

Anywhoooo, Spence and I have been working on some 8 letter word combos to put on the knuckles of the Knucks. He hasn't been very helpful.

So far, I've decided on "ROCK STAR" for Spencer to match his "Rock Star" Homer Simpson hoodie.

I'm still thinking of the others. One recipient is a 10 yr old, the other is his Dad. This is gonna take some thought...

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