Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rachel's Week #3 Update

I really love Boobie Tuesdays...I get to rest a bit - and lately, I've needed it.

And now without further ado...Rachel's Week #3 Update:

Well. Over nine miles today – 9.2 to be exact – walking with Knitters for Knockers. My friend Nathalie and I got ahead of the group after about 2 miles, and figured they’d catch up with us – until about 30 minutes later when we realized they’d turned around. We just kept on going – and were really tired by the time we got back, but I have to say it was a great walk. I had to stretch a couple of times early on, then I felt everything loosen up and I basically cruised along for most of it. Next week we plan on walking in an area with more of an incline – we need to acclimate to those San Francisco hills!

So – equipment. I said I’d write a little about that. When I made the commitment to join this walk, I already owned some good running shoes that were still new enough to provide decent support. I prefer running shoes over walking shoes – just because of the way they fit my foot. Other than that, I didn’t have much to work with; I moved here from Vermont about a year ago, and most of my workout clothing tended toward the woolen and warmer, so I could use it outside in sub-zero temps. Plus I’ve never trained for anything big like this, so having appropriate clothing wasn’t as important. But it is now! So off we went to find some gear. I picked up some good socks, under-things and 2 shirts that will wick sweat away from me. I also got a fanny pack that holds 2 bottles (hydration is super-important) and thought I was done. But apparently not – my techie husband thought that I would make good use of a GPS. So I got a really good one (a Garmin Forerunner 205) – it fits on my wrist, and tells me how far I have gone, the altitude, current speed, max speed, calories burned, and a bunch of other things. I thought the GPS was overkill but damn, I love that thing! It’s so cool being able to see how far you’ve gone, and you can also download it all into your computer and map out your progress. And I’m totally loving the high-tech clothing – I am so comfortable during each training walk, and so far, no chafing or blisters. Can’t beat that!

Oh yeah – the crowning glory? A few weeks ago I helped my husband with his business, and spent a weekend working his booth at the home show in Santa Clara. As a surprise thank-you gift, he bought me an iPod! So freakin’ cool. And a lifesaver. When I walk, I tend to keep the same tune in my head – it can last for hours. Which is great if it’s a good song, but have you ever had ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ worming its way through your brain? It’s hell, I tell you! : ) My Nano takes care of that. I don’t use it if I’m walking in a group – I’d rather talk to the people around me. And for safety’s sake, when I do use it, I keep the volume pretty low. I still want to be able to hear what’s going on around me. But it’s a fun, fabulous little toy – and a luxury I never expected to own.

So that’s it. I’m pretty tricked out when it comes to walking stuff. Not all of it is crucial, but I think it’s all going to help make my walk the best experience possible!

See you next week. I am beat!


Don't forget to check out her personal AVON Walk Fundraising Page and make a donation today. She's almost raised half her goal!!!! Go Rachel!

One last thing you might want to get....a personal mist thing for those training days when it's going to be HOT HOT HOT out. I bought one for the last walk I did. Back when I did the AVON Walk, it was walking from San Jose to SF. That first day in the South Bay was like walking in an oven, but I was fine - and whoever was walking in the same general area with me. Those mist things are awesome. Your own personal A/C. Oh, and the San Jose bike cops just loved it. Sigh. I'm really gonna miss those cuties...

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  1. no-blog-rachel11:09 AM PST

    A mist thingy - what a great idea! Thanks! And I've heard about those San Jose bike cops. Now there's a perk - I'll be sure to tell 'em Hi from you. :)