Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a hissy fit, a pity party, and some self abuse.

Check the ticker. Gained 5 pounds. Grrr.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go off into a corner and let the voices in my head duke it out.

We'll return to our regular schedule when the dust settles.

In the mean time... "Forty is the new twenty." Discuss.


  1. Please tell me that 300 is not fattening! Please tell me its not the new chocolate!! Please tell me that beefcake is not the new nono!!

    The guys are all rather ymummy though....hmmmmmm.... this should be investigated.

    I hope 40 is the new 20, that would make me a spritely 15 again.... a weird married pregnant 15... but 15 nonetheless... I'll take it.Or would it be 10? That might make it weirder.

  2. dang. You don't suffer alone my friend. I haven't been in two weeks for fear of the very same thing. *sigh* When does it get any easier???