Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here's Rachel's latest update...damn that girl sure knows how to rack up the miles. Hee hee. I said rack.

Men are often scared of me, but....

I don't often scare myself. But I may have done it this time. So last week I talked about completing the 100 miles by April 1st - I was pretty pleased with that. Well there was discussion on the Run-a-Go-Go site about doing another 100 miles by July 4th and who was in. Well of course I'm in! But can I leave it at that? Nooooo...apparently not. I have to jump up and say "I know, I'll do another 200 by July 4th!". If I continue at this rate, I can see myself saying to my husband, "Hey let's not fly back to Vermont to visit this fall, let's WALK there! It'll be fun, and so much more eco-friendly! I can't wait to amble over the Sierras, and walk through the fall foliage in the Adirondacks!"

Hubby and his bum knees will be so pleased.


On to training. It was a great walking week. I was a bit sore last Monday from Saturday's hills, but recovered fully by Tuesday. I walked three times during lunch at work, and then on Sunday Nathalie and I did 12 1/2 miles! We went from Los Gatos to Campbell (including a little extra walk through Old Campbell) and back. We stopped there for a snack and purposely sat down for 15 minutes to see what it would feel like to have to get up and walk again once we'd been inactive for a while. That was hard. But we did it and I really felt fine. I was glad I didn't have to, but I realized when I got back to my car that if there had been more walking to do, I could easily have kept going.

So we covered nearly half the distance of the real walk first day, and it's only mid-March. Barring serious illness or injury, I think we're on track to be able to do this with no problem by July. That's not to say I don't think it'll be hard - I'll probably feel as if I'm about 80 when I'm done - but I do think I should be well prepared. I think pretty soon we'll start doing some longer walks on Saturdays and then half that distance on Sundays so we can get used to doing this 2 days in a row. I wish I had the opportunity to get used to getting a massage 2 days in a row as well.

Wildly fascinating trivia...

I joined a new knit group last week - just looking to meet new people. It's called Bobaknit, and the meetups take place in Mountain View. The group appears to be addicted to Boba Tea, you know the stuff with the chewy tapioca golf-balls in it that comes in 4006 flavors? So, Bobaknit as a name made sense. But then I found out at the meetup that Boba has an entirely different and much more interesting definition. It's Chinese slang for 'Boobies'! How appropriate is that? I write on Boobie Tuesdays, I walk for breast cancer, I'm part of Knitters for Knockers, and now this? Apparently boobs have become a major part of my life. Heh, too bad they're not a more major part of my body... : )

Happy Boobie Tuesday! See you next week.

When you stop for any length of time, make sure you do some stretches. It really helps!

I just love having a guest blogger, but you guys already know that. Last night it was mani/pedi night at Casa de Chaos. Ahhhhh...yeah, I can be girly. It was time for the toenails to be painted. Get this, the color #? 300 The color name? Thrill And that's exactly what the movie '300' was...quite the thrill. What exactly is color #300 otherwise known as Thrill? Red.

Tomorrow night, I have a date with a box of Revlon ColorSilk #47. Does she or doesn't she? Damn straight this woman does!!!!


  1. On the 300 vein.... The Mister suggested Gerard as a possible name for the baby.