Thursday, March 29, 2007

By George, I think she's Got IT!

Actually...she does!!!!!

Congrats go out to no-blog-Rachel. She guessed correctly.

Rhett is from RETro.

Although I will probably add all the other meanings as well. 'Cause you know, I can.

And now for the surprise! Because I thoroughly enjoyed all the guesses and references to hot guys (what can I say, I'm easy)...I'm giving everyone who guessed a prize.

Grand Prize for no-blog-Rachel is a Trio of beaded goodies. Email me with your favorite color.

Stephieface and J: Email me with your favorite color and I'll make you both a little beaded somethin' somethin'.


And now on the the serious side of Apartment Therapy Thursday. There has been some serious Therapy Sessions happening, but unfortunately for Rhett, they have been for me only. Work has been, well, a piece of work, so I have been managing to keep things that are already clean and organized, all clean and organized. There has been no new 'respecting' of my main man Rhett. Sorry Rhett. I'll be able to work more on our relationship this weekend. Spencer is abandoning me for a b-day party and some War Machine Tournament Play. We'll be able to spend some quality time together then. Just you, me and our favorite love toy.

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  1. "Just you, me and our favorite love toy."

    Sounds dirty- I like it!