Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Check the ticker - 'nuf said. Word.

Rhett Contest:

Damn! Stephieface has got my back - but she's still wrong. Every time I read one of her comments, I have to go check these guys out and then I have to take a cold shower. And dammit girl, how the hell did you know I set off the fire alarm when I cook?!?

Once again good guesses, but not the correct answer. Sigh. Today is (are) the last hint(s). I will reveal the answer on Therapy Thursday - tomorrow. 'Cause I can't stand it anymore and it's my blog, my contest, and my Rhett. So there. I'll also reveal a surprise.

Hint Recap:
  1. I have mentioned it (or alluded to it) on this blog in the past. It's not necessarily spelled the same.
  2. It's a characteristic of my apartment.
  3. Rhett sounds like part of a word I use to describe my apartment. (this hint is NEW)
Now go back and read this. And then read the whole apartment distraction series if you need to...


Oh, and while I am happy that I lost weight again, I am still a wee bit pissed that I gained those five pounds a few weeks back. I'd be soooooo much closer to the 20 lbs now. Dammit. OK, over that. Next?


  1. no-blog-rachel10:38 AM PDT


  2. no-blog-rachel10:40 AM PDT

    And awesome job on the weight loss!!!!

  3. Hmmmm..... (I figure no-blog-rachel has it.... but I shall guess anyways)
    Along the lines of 'That 70's Apartment' my guess is its named after Red Foreman from 'That 70's Show'. Something there is red (like curtains or cushions), you have a foreman grill, and occasionally when the apartment gets the best of you- you feel like a dumbass.
    Oh and something there is bald, but that is just getting a little TOO personal. ;)

    Little tidbit: Kurtwood Smith the guy who played Red Foreman was recently on an episode of "House, MD" playing the father of an autistic piano genius (played by Dave Matthews of DMB fame). This is a tidbit because one of the main characters in the show that works for House is named (in the show) Eric Foreman.... interesting co-inky-dink. And because no Rhett Guess Post is complete without a hot guy reference.... Hugh Laurie. :D