Thursday, March 08, 2007

More markers for the Cause...

These 6 sets are on their way to Yarndogs. The store is selling them to raise money for the Knitters for Knockers AVON Walk Team. Check 'em out and buy 'em if you're in the area...

Five of the six sets were made from beads and old jewelry that my guest blogger Rachel sent me a few weeks ago. Recognize anything Rachel? Spence and I had a good time taking it all apart. I've got lots left still, so stay tuned...more will be headed to Yarndogs next week.

Yesterday, I got some more Pink Ribbon beads, and various supplies/findings, so I'll be making more markers as well as some other stuff for the store. And as requested, I'll be making earrings for the Team.

UPDATE: I made the Team some earrings and a little something extra. Hope you all like it! I hope to get that in the mail today.

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  1. no-blog-rachel1:09 PM PST

    Well lemme see - there are some onyx and gold beads from my early-90's style business jools, and the little clay ones from the earrings I bought in the Dominican Republic. You did a great job - nothing smacks of big hair and my previous life! :)

    And thanks for your help!