Friday, March 23, 2007

Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!

Looks like we'll be getting an updated version of Escape from New York. According to the Gossip, looks like Gerard Butler (Leonidas in 300 - and Total. Scottish. Hottie.), has signed on to play Snake.

This could be interesting...

Hmmmm....doesn't look like they've cast the character of Maggie yet - played by Adrienne Barbeau in the original. Mr. John Carpenter, e-mail me. I've got the hair, I've got the boobs, I've got the attitude. I'm available. Let's talk.

Mr. Butler, I'd love to work with you on this project, e-mail me.

The original movie came out in 1981. I remember when it came out on video. We'd have occasional EFNY viewings. Every time someone said "Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!", we'd all have to take a drink of whatever we were drinking at the time - this was college, so it was usually alcoholic. We loved the movie whether we were drinking or not. It was campy, "futuristic", and everyone had cool costumes. Kurt Russell was great. I'd been crushing on him since his Disney Days - he was a hottie - and still is too. What more could you ask for? Loved his character in another John Carpenter cult classic Big Trouble in Little China.

Mr. Russell, I'm sure you're going to have some input - why don't you play the prez - oooh or the cab driver - oooh or the Commish? E-mail me. Let's talk - loved you in Overboard and Backdraft and aren't you due for another project?

Gentlemen. Let's talk. I'm looking for a new gig.


And now for some knitting content:

The Phoenix wrap is getting close to finishing. YAY! I used up the last bits of a ball yesterday on the way home from work. I'm going to measure it tonight and then start another ball. I think I need a wee bit more before I start the last section - which is of course - beading! Awesome. Can't wait to wrap myself up in it...

Will probably work on the Gossamer shawl more this weekend - unless of course I go on a "Rhett Respecting Rampage". I'm on a roll - and really digging the good sleep I've been getting lately.

My commute shawl is chugging along. It's on smaller needles, so progress is happening, but not at a noticable pace. This one will keep me busy for quite a while.


"Rhett Contest" - sorry J and no-blog-Rachel. Good guesses with fantastic reasons, but you are incorrect. You can try again. Guess as many times as you wish. I think I might just have to start giving clues on Monday. I can't wait for you guys to guess!

"I saw it in the window, and I just couldn't resist it!" Yes, Rachel, I remember that Carol Burnett skit very well. I almost wet myself when I saw it...

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  1. Your apartment is named after Rhett Miller, the music artist, who sings sexy songs about sex.

    OR.... It could be country music artist Rhett Atkins, who is also sexy in a rednecky Gerard Butler kind of way- which is hot.

    If you're going to live in a named apartment, it might as well be a hottie who can sing you sexy lullabies sexily... right?