Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Let's hear it for Boobie Tuesday...

...and the fact that thanks to Rachel...I've got a post...otherwise...you'd all get nuttin'...

I’ve been very distracted lately, thinking about all sorts of things besides walking. Like my new (and first) spinning wheel that arrived last week. And the new house we’re buying! More on those on my blog; I’m here to talk training. Even though I’m obsessing about spinning and moving.

Fortunately I was able to overcome the temptation to sit at my wheel for hours on end – I even put it away, because this weekend was all about walking. Saturday I joined some fellow employees and a lot of other people in the WalkAmerica walk for March of Dimes. This was taking place all over the country. Our walk was a little over 6 miles at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. I ended up passing most of the people in front of me, and since no one I knew was keeping pace with me, I worked on keeping my heart rate up the entire time. I learned why it’s said ‘cotton is rotten’ in the athletic world – I wore a team shirt provided by my company and was hot as hell pretty early on. But it was fun, I made good time, and had a good workout. Note to self – avoid cotton during the walk.

Once I got home though, I really started dragging. My head hurt, I was so tired, and had absolutely no energy. I tried hydrating but it didn’t seem to help. We went out for dinner and when we came home around 7:45 I sat in the couch. And don’t remember anything until my husband woke me at 10 to go to bed, which I did. I think that night was the first night I got more than 5 ½ hours sleep in weeks. And damn, I felt so much better! There is something to be said for this sleep thing, that’s for sure.

Sunday I got up early and met Nathalie. I put in a super-long stretch including shoulders, and off we went. We walked from Los Gatos down to Campbell and back, had lunch, and then took off in the other direction to do some hills. Those were tough, and Nathalie totally kicked my butt, but I still made it. And it’s a good thing I remembered to bring my camera, otherwise we’d have missed recording this:

Pretty cool, huh?

We ended up doing over 15 miles, which put me at 22 miles for the weekend. Yeah! And I was pleasantly surprised to actually feel pretty good and energetic when I was done. Especially once I did this:

And holy crap – I just added up my miles since I started training for the Avon Walk – I’m at 190! And I’ve raised over $3,000 so far. Life is good.

Have a great week!


My Avon Walk for Cancer Page


You GO Rachel!!!! Racking up the miles and the cash for Racks everywhere!!!

...and yeah...that sleep thing sure is something, isn't it.

Well, got to run dear readers...life is still crazy at the Casa and the Officina, and things just keep getting more and more chaotic every day...and oddly enough...I don't mind.

Just wish I could find some time to do more than just one row at a time on any giving WIP...oh yeah...and the current commuting shawl is just begging me to frog it...and Mom's rosary needs some tweeking...and I've got stuff to ship...ugh...I REALLY need about 5 more hours in a day...and I'd use them for that sleep thing that everyone raves so much about...

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