Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A little late never hurt anyone...

Take it away Rachel!!!! (she's been busy!!) Oh, and Rachel? You go right ahead and have that latte...you deserve it...

Where am I? Holy crap, it's Boobie Tuesday and I almost forgot about it. Bad walker/blogger! No latte for me.

This weekend, Nathalie and I decided to live on the edge and change our walk route. We met at her house and walked to Los Gatos. From there, we went into the hills - an absolutely killer workout. Every time there was a fork in the path, we chose the steeper option, and didn't quit doing that for 7 more miles. It was freakin' fabulous! It was definitely hard but I can see improvement in my condition from previous walks, and I felt really good. We stopped for lunch, did some more hills, and then headed back to where we started. It normally would have been 3 miles back to Nathalie's, but we decided to explore. And explore we did. Holy cow are there some huge homes in them thar hills! One place has this manicured play area for the kids that's bigger than most school playgrounds I've seen around here. And I'm sure it cost quite a bit more too. None of the houses - estates, really - were my style, but they certainly were interesting to look at. I felt as if I was going to be chased down at any moment and evicted from the neighborhood for doing something as low-end as cracking a sweat.

We ended up doing nearly 16 miles, most of it hills. That's more than I expected we would. Though less than what we're doing next week. Nathalie wants to go to Rancho San Antonio in Los Altos, she's threatening 20 miles and wants to meet at 6:00 am to do it! The woman's a slave driver, I tell ya.

I was pretty beat for the remainder of the day, but felt fine on Sunday. I've been really good about stretching before and during my walks - though I still have to make stretching after a walk more of a habit. My legs have been completely a-ok, but when I get fatigued, my shoulders start hunching and my posture becomes terrible. I mentioned this to my sister-in-law who's a physical therapist. Good move. She gave me this giant foam cylinder thingy (it's about 36" long and maybe 8" in diameter) and showed me a few stretches I can do with it. It hurts like hell and feels absolutely wonderful! So now I have set reminders for myself to work with it twice a day, and I'm already sitting straighter. And a couple of the stretches she showed me happen to work out the ol' stomach muscles as well, and that never hurts. Well actually it does, but you know what I mean. I'm going to keep using this thing even after I finish the walk - my shoulders are chronically tight and this is the first thing, besides a (for me usually unaffordable) massage that really helps.

I'll do pictures next time - we took some but they're in Natalie's camera. Again, bad blogger. Though I'm going to get up and get a latte anyway. Neener, neener!


My Avon Walk Page


And now for some comments....hack hack cough cough...was that my lung?!?? Yes my friends...the evil cold hangs on...it's moved on to my chest...always a fun thing. My doc says rest or else...so I stayed home today...should have stayed home yesterday, but I felt sooo much better! Honestly, I did! In the interest of resting...I will stay home tomorrow as well. Sleep in as late as my cough will let me and maybe work from home a bit in the afternoon. Spencer is staying an extra night at his Dad's so I can recover a bit more...wouldn't want to be sick for Mother's Day!!!!!

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