Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quality time with the man...

Welcome back to Apartment Therapy Thursday...

OK, so I've been spending some quality time with my man Rhett. He's been slowly getting a good, thorough Spring cleaning. One room at a time, sometimes more than a few days at one room. This place gets very dusty, very fast. Vaccuuming and dusting occur quite often around here...

Tuesday, I worked from home so that a donation truck could come and pick up quite a few pieces of furniture. Didn't work out quite that way, so now I'm stuck with a bunch of stuff. Argh. I was hoping to get it out of the apartment by the time the first round of visitation started....not going to be that lucky.

What's all this about visitors?

This weekend, we have a friend of Spencer's. I'm taking the boys to the Kublacon convention. Three days of gaming. Three days of two teen boys. Lord help me.

Two days after that is all over and done's vacation time...and...I get a very special visitor...for 10 whole days. I'm so looking forward to his visit...


  1. 3 days with 2 teen boys? For that alone you should gain entry to the Caring Mom Hall of Fame.

    Enjoy your ten days! I imagine we won't hear from you too often during that time, so have fun and we'll look forward to you coming back.

  2. You're gonna take them to Kublacon for all THREE DAYS!
    You certainly should win some sort of award for that!

    Enjoy your vacation!