Tuesday, May 15, 2007

She lives...and is back at work...her coughs ringing thru the office...

I feel fine, really I do...just can't get rid of this annoying little tickle cough...very annoying little tickle cough actually...

Anyway...take it away Rachel...

Well we didn’t do the long walk this weekend. Our landlady asked us to let her hold an open house on Sunday so perspective renters could see the place, and I started to completely stress out about getting everything done on time. I didn’t cancel though, Nathalie and I just cut back. Hee – I love saying we ‘cut back’ – to 9.5 miles! A year ago I was hoping to be able to do 5 miles every so often. To consider 9-plus a short walk – I gotta say I’m pretty pleased about that. I also walked another 2.5 on Sunday; that was a slow one, with hubby and dogs. It really helped stretch out some knotted up muscles.

We rescheduled our long walk for this coming weekend. We’re going to
Rancho San Antonio and we’re hoping to put in 18-20 miles. And holy crap, my husband just told me his parents are coming out from MA to visit sometime on Saturday. I’m gonna be real purdy and company presentable after that walk! Hee hee, can’t wait.
More on the Rancho walk next week – assuming I survive following Nathalie over hills and through the woods. She’s going to seriously kick my butt.

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  1. Ohhh... still coughing?
    Sounds like this one is really hanging on in there. Cough it out, cough it out... WAY OUT!

    Keep up the good work Rachel!

  2. I hope you feel better, I tagged you if that helps.