Thursday, June 21, 2007

Apartment Therapy Thursday

Today's session involves some outside the form of a donation truck coming to pick up all this extra furniture...again.... Damn...I can't even give this stuff away! This is going to be my third attempt...

About a month ago, I scheduled a pickup, took the day off from work, got a phone call at 7:15am..."All pickups cancelled today." WTF! Ended up going in to work in the afternoon because Antonella calls and says we have until the next day to move over to the other side of the building as construction is starting NOW. Argh.

A week before my Honey comes to visit, and I've still got a dining area full of stuff! Call someone I know who has a garage sale every summer. It's yours if you come get it. You can even keep the money you make. She agrees, but needs to find someplace to store it first - that'll take a few days. Argh.

Have an offer from a friend to help me haul it, but it'll have to be done on a weekend...and I've got no more weekends free until after Honey leaves. Argh.

Garage Sale Woman calls and says she changed her mind. She's not doing it this year, so won't be coming to get the stuff after all. Argh.

So now my Honey is coming in 2 days and my dining area is full of boxes and unwanted furniture! What to do... Aha! Spencer is off with his Dad for the duration of Honey's visit. We won't need his room...everything goes in there!!!! Brilliant! Close the door and Viola! Instant organized apartment. Worked like a charm...and I did tell Honey that Chaos lived behind the closed door. Didn't want him to think I really was this organized when I'm not quite there yet...

Spencer is off for a week of nothing between when school ends and summer camps begin...this week. Perfect. I work from home on the days when he's not at a friend's house and I can schedule another pickup. Checked this morning... 8am to 11am is when they are supposedly coming. It's almost 8am and there has been no cancellation call. Promising. We shall see...I'm tired of typing "Argh".

In the meantime I am trying to motivate myself to sign in and start work. I'm working from home today after all. Maybe I'll just say I'm sick and be done with it. I'm sick of the whole process...sick of the construction...sick of the nonexistant communication about the construction...sick of hearing that people are leaving...sick of the stress of taking up the slack on jobs I have no clue what the hell I should be doing...sick of the stress period...sick of the sleepless nights...sick...sick...sick....'s a sick day. And yes...we were allowed to stay yesterday...but there are more meetings today and tomorrow, so who knows what is going to happen?

I'm going to try and relax a bit. This whole situation has me a little stressed in case you haven't noticed. It tends to wear one down after a while. Time to step back and take a deep breath. Renew myself and then jump back in with both feet. Yeah...that's it...that's the ticket...

Oh and if you see some crazy, whacked out chick on the news tonight burning a pile of furniture out in a parking lot in CA...that would be me...'cause if the truck doesn't show today, that's what I'm doing to this cursed stuff!!! Argh!!! (just felt like typing it one more time...)

Oh! And all the boxes and other stuff that hid in Spencer's room during my Honey's visit? Back out in the dining area. Not quite ready to be taken for donation yet, but I can handle taking that in my own car. It's just boxes and small stuff. Phew! And a lot of it is almost ready to go...YAY!!!

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