Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boobie Tuesday on Weigh In Wednesday

Hey Folks...ok, so I'm a day late...I've been busy. And I came into the office this morning to locked doors. I'm hoping someone closed the firedoors just because and this isn't one of those..."the office is closed... go home... hope your last paycheck was deposited" kind of things. Especially with everything that is going on and the fact that due to construction, we have no 'real office doors', and construction came to a halt over a week ago. Yeah...I'm a bit wigged out at the moment. Luckily, Antonella gave me her keys since I'm 'acting office manager' among other new and exciting responsibilities and I was able to get in. Hopefully, I can stay here...

Anyway...still in the size 12 jeans...have been wearing size L(arge) tops instead of 18W, 1X, 16W, or XL. Because of my current size, I'm finding a lot more clothing options, so my wardrobe is growing. YAY! Weighed myself...I'm holding at 185 lbs...considering the stress I've been under, and the occassional junk I've been eating, combined with absolutely no exercise...I'm very happy about that...even bought a bikini this past weekend. Now all I have to do is lose the rest of the weight I want to and get up enough courage to actually wear the damn thing when I do...last time I wore a 2 piece bathing suit, I was about 4 or 5 years old...

There has been crafting happening, but not very much. I can't concentrate on anything long enough to make any noticable progress...hmmm....wonder why...BUT...I am knitting and beading as that helps alleviate some stress...not all, but some.

I'm slowly but surely getting back into my blogging groove, so you'll be hearing from me a lot more...unless of course, the office really is closed and I get kicked out and have to turn in my laptop...but I'm not going to dwell on that...I'm going to go get some coffee and get my day started...I've got tons to do...

OK...and now for Rachel's update...Actual Walk is getting really close!!! She got it to me on time, I just didn't have time to put it out here yesterday... Oh...and CONGRATS on making your donation goal!!!! I know it's not easy to raise money, and Rachel raised twice the minimum required!! You Go Girl!


Nathalie and I have come to a conclusion. 15 miles is easy. We can do it and feel great. At 15 miles, we feel as if we could do the same distance all over again. A mile or two later? Holy crap do things change!Saturday we took off from my house through the Santa Teresa foothills – the hills were steep as hell but there was a nice breeze going which really helped. Nathalie disagreed – she thought it was too cold. In fact we spent a lot of time disagreeing on Saturday. I wanted to rest in the shade, she was freezing and wanted to rest in the sun. Uphills kicked my butt, downhills trashed her knees. It’s amazing we like training together so much. Anyway, the hiking part was beautiful. We saw deer and wild turkeys, and it was just nice to be out and about, and away from traffic. Once we made it over the foothills we ended up in the Almaden Valley, and followed the Calero Creek Trail up toward civilization (intersection of Camden and Almaden to be exact). The terrain flattened out and we just cruised. After about 10 miles we stopped for lunch, bought more water, stretched, and headed back out. One long, sunny hot hill later and the pace changed. I was slow on the uphills, Nathalie on the downhills. We had to stop and stretch frequently. I dumped a lot of water over my head, which I find is a great way to cool down. I was seriously considering stealing someone’s car so I could get my burning feet off the sidewalk. I think Nathalie was seriously thinking she needed knee replacement surgery. My husband called to see how we were doing and I told him we’d be able to make it home but it would take a while to walk the remaining 2 miles on our bloody stumps. But make it we did. I hopped into the shower, soaked my feet in ice water, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. And when my husband got home an hour later, I could barely move. I did feel better after stretching, but I was definitely concerned about how I’d feel after the 1st day of the walk, and my ability to walk a 2nd day.

I crashed pretty hard and slept in until the late hour of 7:00 on Sunday. And aside from a blister that has been showing up regularly on one of my toes, I felt absolutely fine! I couldn’t believe it. I took a short recovery walk and felt no pain. Amazing what the body can do in 8 hours or so.

According to a couple of sources, it’s time to start cutting back a bit on the training – so we’ll be walking both days of the weekend but not as far as we have been. And I need to start looking for things in the pile of boxes that is my house – like a sleeping bag and other gear I’ll need for the walk. I can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks away. And guess what – it doesn’t show on my web page because I have a couple of donations by check but I cleared my $3,600 personal fundraising goal! I’m one happy girl.

Happy Boobie Tuesday!

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  1. Seriously, it makes me tired and my feet hurt to read these last few weeks of posts from Rachel. She is doing amazing!

    And you miss Donna! A 2 piece eh?

    I hope you were able to stay in the office and that no weirdness is going on with the changes. My company's acquisition just closed yesterday, so I'm just waiting for my badge not to work one of these days. Sigh.