Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Brilliant Idea...Why didn't I think of it?

Oh yeah, 'cause I was too busy being pissed off....

Anywhoo...Margo has suggested Brilliant...I've heard of it, heard of others using it, but have never actually checked it out myself. I have one more bed left, so I'll check it out first thing tomorrow and will most likely post it out there.

I have decided to keep the smaller chest of drawers...and get this...I'm finally going to re-finish it. My original plans for it are finally coming to pass... I still love the old thing and really can't seem to part with it, but it is in desperate need of a facelift. Bought the supplies today, well almost all of them...forgot a few, so won't be starting this project until next weekend. Whether I paint or stain it depends on what I find under about 6 layers of paint. Seriously.

I've already decided what I'm going to store in it and have temporarily labeled the drawers to help me sort things into it.

I've spent a bit of time every evening this week going thru bags and boxes of crap and hauled off a whole trunkload of bags o' stuff, the 2 rejected kitchen chairs, and an unwanted table lamp to Goodwill. They are open until 7 for donations (even on Sundays!)...unlike my usual place that has decided to limit their donation I shall limit my donations to them. Nyah!

After a successful second attempt at dropping off donations, I did some errands, came home and dove right back into the pile of crap in my dining area. I'm on a roll here. Recycled or shredded a bunch of paper, sorted things into the chest of drawers, and have started a new donation pile.

Today was a wonderful day...I got a lot done. Can't wait to finish sorting thru all this stuff as I've found some patterns that I really want to make...Stuff for the apartment, stuff for me and Spence, and even stuff for kitty. I've got everything I need, I just need to make some space and I'll be good to go. How exciting!!!!!

Well, I'm off to dreamland...tomorrow is another day of work....laundry, grocery shopping, sorting, organizing, recycling, shredding, etc, etc, etc...and I can't wait! Tomorrow I concentrate on the bags of stuff. I 'clean up' by getting a plastic grocery bag and dumping everything on the tables and counter into it...this should go by quickly as I'm sure it's all stuff that can be recycled and shredded.

Oooh...almost forgot....out of great respect and love for Rhett, I bought him a new coffee table. I finally found one that is the perfect size for him...and it looks fabulous!

Ciao for now...

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  1. Oh good for you! I'm in the midst of major declutter too. It's hard to really get going but once you do it actually is fun - and I'm really motivated to do more! I'm glad the Avon walk is soon so I'll have my weekends back to really attack it. Have fun!