Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Late again...oh welll........

A little bit from Rachel.....

So here I am, winding down. When you train for an event that requires endurance (maybe sprints too - I don't know) you need to taper off on training as the event date nears. Your body needs to heal and rest so you can really push it hard when you have to.

We did 2 training walks this weekend; about 11.5 miles on Saturday and 5.1 on Sunday. I felt great both days, though the group I was with on Sunday walked quite a bit faster than my normal pace which brought on mild shin splints. Note to self: it's a walk, not a race - I'll feel better long term if I don't push it in terms of speed. From this point forward I'm tapering off even more; I'll do 2 miles or so twice this week, and then Nathalie and I are planning 5 miles on Saturday (I'm about to get on line to see if I can get that 5 miles to go by a Jamba Juice - I got a buy-one-get-one-free coupon last week and we decided we deserved the treat). After that, it's another couple of quick 1-2 milers, and that'll be it!

I can't believe it's coming up so soon - I can't wait! Though I do have to say it'll be kind of nice to have my weekends back. Those 19-milers sure do eat up a Saturday. If I have anything of note to post I'll be back next week; otherwise you'll hear from me after the Avon Walk!



...And a bit from me....

Well....looks like our walking friend Rachel is almost ready...Sounds like she knows what she's doing...and she does...her and Nathalie will be more than ready. Oh, and Rachel...don't get caught up in anyone else's pace. Stick with your own, your body knows what's best.

And now for what's going on in the Chaos....chaos....chaos...and more chaos....

So what does Donna do? She totally ignores it of course... I'm still spending a little of my time every night since my Honey left going through boxes and bags of stuff. By this weekend, I should have more boxes and bags to take to my new fav thrift store for donation.

It's a good thing I'm doing it too...Honey is coming back for a few months starting next month. We still don't know where work is going to be sending him, but he will try and spend some weekends here with us....seeing that Spence is going to be with me some of the time, can't be hiding all the clutter in his room. And I need to get rid of it anyway. I really liked how Rhett looked when all the clutter was "gone" I'm going to be working very hard to get as much of it gone as I can for REAL by the next time Honey gets here...and eventually ALL of it GONE forever....WOOT!!!!

A milestone was reached in Casa de Chaos this week....Spencer turned 13....13 people!!!! I am officially the Mom of a teenager...ooooh my goodness... Happy Birthday to the best kid ever...may your hormones not change you too much my son...but I'll still love you if they do...

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  1. Wasn't Spence just 3? I swear he was 3 a few years ago.

    You must tell me where your new fav thrift store is. I'm dead set on doing some purging this next week, and I want this stuff gone ASAP. No bags and boxes hanging around. I want it gone.

    Happy Birthday to Spencer!