Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now that he's collected his thoughts....

Hello everybody!!!

My eight-grade class and I are going to Washington DC in May. This is an awesome opportunity for us to learn all about the US government up close - especially during an election year.

We are trying aggressively to raise money for our class, especially for those students that are financially disadvantaged. I would like to personally raise $20,000. I know that sounds crazy but I can reach that goal by only raising $10,000. I have someone that will match any money that I manage to raise.

Unfortunately, this approach is not tax-deductible for you, BUT we can double your money! Send Mom an E-mail to find out how - it involves personal checks, addresses and other stuff she doesn't want to publish here.

We are trying our best to do most of our fundraising within the next several weeks. Our generous "doubling your money person" has extended the deadline for another few weeks, so donate today!

Any donations you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Once my tally is fulfilled, whatever extra money I collect will be put towards the general trip pool for my school. Please help us get enough money to go and learn stuff and get out of our parents hair for a week!

Thanks a bunch!!!!


PS by Donna...yeah!!! Get him out of my hair for a week! Woot! (hee hee)

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