Friday, April 04, 2008

Blasts from the Past

...and my 350th post...

First blast group....Finished Objects!!!!

From the 1980's ... one of my knitting/crocheting times...I learned how to knit, crochet, and sew when I was 6, but haven't actually been knitting/crocheting the whole time. The only thing I've kept up consistently is the sewing.

First, we have a Crocheted Baby Blanket

Yes, I have crocheted, and I still occasionally crochet. Don't do it regularly anymore though, as it hurts my wrist. I can handle the odd crocheted border and smallish projects...just nothing big.

Next...we have the First Sweater I Ever Made

Notice the longish sleeves, and oddishly wide, short body. Trust me, they were exactly that. Made it for Spencer's Dad before we were married (we've been divorced for 10 yrs - and no, I don't believe in the 'boyfriend curse', nor do I blame it). It never fit him...he's um pretty skinny and tallish. I wore it for a long time. Sleeves were extremely long, but the rest fit me OK...I'm short and chunky. I loved it.

And now...the Second Sweater I Ever Made

Paid a bit more attention to the gauge and measurements this time. This one I made for me. Too bad I discovered I don't like turtlenecks. I wore it once or twice...just couldn't take the turtleneck.

If you can't tell yet, I have a problem matching sweaters to intended wearers. Sigh.

And finally, the Last Sweater I Ever Made

I splurged on the yarn. 80% wool, 20% acrylic...and lots of money ( I made all these sweaters while I was in college). Had to give up some necessaries to afford it, but it was worth it. Couldn't ever wear it without something in between it and my skin (this is where i first found out about the wool sensitivities) and was such a dense fabric, and I lived in Texas, and I don't think it ever got cold enough for me to ever wear it in Texas - even though we lived in Dallas. And does get very cold in Dallas.

Close up detail of the Cables

I'm very proud of this sweater. My first attempt at cables....Look how purdy they are! All nice and even and stuff.

And...I've actually worn it, and see? It does fit.

I was in Chicago at the time - during Winter. And Dudes, it did get cold enough to wear this sweater there...still, I only lasted all of about 15 minutes in it. Nice feathered wings (circa 1986 ish).

Why bring these out now?!? Well, I was looking through my photo boxes for other photos, and I found them. I knew I had taken them way back when...just didn't know where they were...

From looking at these, I realize...yeah, I can knit sweaters. The first two sweaters left a bit to be desired...OK, maybe a lot - they pretty much sucked. But the last sweater I made was pretty darn good. It fit me perfectly, the seams actually looked good, and it looked half ass good on.

Which makes me very sad now, since I no longer have it. At least I don't think so. Haven't seen it for years. I probably gave it away when I finally gave up the first two - probably 'cause it was too thick for me to wear. Wish I would have kept it anyway. Could have pulled it out every now and then whenever my knitting confidence faultered.

At least I have the photos left.


And now for the second blast... Cute kids!!!!

Spencer and Autumn circa 1997. It was Autumn's b-day party. Look Autumn's Mom...I found them!!!!

Here's Spencer, Autumn and G (another close friend's son - all the Moms hung out and caused did the kids...)

Click over here to see what Autumn looks like now...

And here's what Spencer looks like as-of-this-very-moment-'cause-I-just-took-the-picture (my handsome young man):

Teens....Lord help us...

Now taking donations for sanity...anybody got any extra? I'm gonna need some really soon...

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  1. Donna!!!!! Our kids are so cute I must say! Man, that seems sooooo long ago. Thanks for posting these. My face can't stop smiling. Spence is such a handsome boy. I wish we could get a pic of them together now haha or maybe NOT!