Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Tell Spring has Sprung in the Chaos...


...and a Polish (toes of course)....

...Short Skirt!

Well, not really short...I am short, so the skirt is just about knee length...which is actually perfect for me. Notice the cute new sandals....have another pair in black.

Hope to post more soon...April is a month of anniversaries. Some sad (miss you Dad and Kitty Banshee). Some very happy (Honey and I are together one year!!! Love you Honey...). Some birthdays - Happy Birthday Kitty Sammie (today)...and Happy Birthday Antonella, next week.

I don't quite know what I'm going to post about it all...I've got a few ideas...just need to get my head round them all and decide how I'm going to approach it...Plus I owe you guys some more posts about the trip. GAH...at this rate I don't know if I'll ever catch up!

There has been knitting...I've cast on my first real size sock! Yay me!!! I've restarted the Holey Moley poncho...don't ask. Work still continues on my sister's B-day present...yes, I know, it was in January. Zip it. And I still have to show the sweater Honey's Mom knit for me, and some finished objects that have been finished for a while now.

I'm a slacker....I know. But I did my taxes WAAAY before the deadline...did you?

Oh...and there will be a SQUEEEEEEEE delay as I try to come down from the latest Honey news. He bought his tickets today to come visit in June! Woot! Honey will be in town for Spencer's graduation...as will my Mom and Sis. Honey's turn to meet my family! YAY!

Ooohh...or should I say OUCH!!! Kitty Sammie has just given me a present on her birthday. A 4 inch long double scratch on the top of my thigh...she likes to sit on my lap when I'm at the computer...and she was startled...and I'm wearing shorts...oh...gah...OUCH! Time to go wipe off the blood, clean the scratches and get some antibiotic gel on it. Sigh.

Good thing that skirt goes to the knee.......


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM PDT

    Yay for honey visits!

    As a faithful reader, if I could request a post...... the one where there would be kilt pics please ;)

  2. Sigh..shaving has become a regular routine now that I'm with someone. hahaha pass the band aids!