Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's the Wee Tiny Sock Post!!!!

First, there came the yarn and needles...not exactly sock yarn, but it's the thinnest I had (that I could use for practice) - it's homespun I think...part of a "Bag o' Yarn". I got this paper grocery sack of wonderful yarn (single balls of some pretty awesome stuff) for $10 from a local reuse/recycle place.

One hour after casting on, I was turning a wee tiny heel...

50 minutes from cast on, I tied off the wee tiny toe.

The next day, I made a second wee tiny sock from the sock yarn I bought for the trip. I figured I could spare some for the wee tiny sock - it doesn't take much at all.

Here's Ms Cow in her first Modeling Session, posing with Marvin DSF. One sock on each hoof.

Me: Time for "The Pose" Ms. Cow

Ms. Cow: You've got to be friggin' kidding. I'm NOT doing the pose.

Me: But Ms. have to do it. It's the "Official Chaos Sock Pose".

Ms. Cow: Don't're insane.

Me: Puhleeeeeeese?

Ms. Cow: Ok, OK!!! Just stop with the begging already!!!!

Without further ado...Donna's Chaos presents:

The Official Chaos Sock Pose...

The "Balls to the Wall" Sock Pose.

What else could it be called?!? We like the word "balls" here at the Chaos and haven't mentioned "balls" in a long time...

Ms. Cow: I have hooves for criminy's sake. There are no balls on hooves.

Ms. Cow: What-ever!

Of course, Sock Monkey came out to see what the commotion was...

SM: I should be posing with the Wee Tiny Socks. I'm a Sock Monkey for goodness sake! And I have balls.

Me: Not those kind of balls Monkey! And the socks are ummmm...tooo wee for you to wear. Ms. Cow was the only choice. Doesn't she look awesome?

SM: ...I'll hold them how they cover my....?

Me: Sock Monkey!!!!!

After this, the Green Wee Tiny Sock was sent off to Emily in PA - it's new home. The orangey sock stays here. It's the first sock I ever made...and it's kind of wonky...I could never part with it.

And now, we here at the Chaos take a slight break while we wait for a Wee Tiny sock to arrive...

Look! A new tote bag has found it's way to the Chaos. Isn't it cute? Got it at the grocery store. It's my new knitting bag. Goes with me on longish bus and train rides and to various appointments where waiting could be involved. It's sturdy and colorful and spacious and I love it. Holds a book, reading/knitting glasses, and a knitting project and the occasional stow-a-way (that would be Ms. Cow).

OOOh...what's this? Friday's post brings us a surprise!!!! Look at the pretty envelope - it came all the way from Susan in MD.

What an adorable Wee Tiny Sock!

Ms. Cow couldn't wait to put it on and model. Marvin decides to use First Sock Ever as a blaster cozy...

It's such an awesome wee sock!

Me: OK....time for "The Pose" again.

Ms. Cow: Gah.

Ms. Cow: This is the most ridiculous thing you've ever asked me to do...

I just loved participating in the Wee Tiny Sock Swap '08. This is just what I needed to get me started on sock knitting. I found the entire process quite easy and understood all the steps. It was easy, and to get started on some "me" size socks. I have two colors of sock yarn. OOOh...that reminds me...I need to show you guys some new yarn!

Next time.


  1. Anonymous3:52 AM PDT

    Cow is very excited that Ms Cow is now an international model on the Interwebs. He thinks she looks gorgeous! And as for those sexy poses.....

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM PDT

    Go wee tiny socks!

    See, not hard at all. Wee tiny socks are the awesomest!

  3. THAT'S what you do with wee tiny socks!

    For the record: ballsballsballsballsballsballsballs