Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!! *

14 years ago today, I went thru 20+ hours of labor (no drugs) in the heat (the A/C in the hospital broke, we were in TX and it was 110F outside), only to end up having a C-Section (still no A/C) at the ungodly hour of 5am to deliver my bouncing baby boy. And I walked uphill barefoot the whole way. hahaha

Just kidding about the uphill and barefoot part, but the rest is true.

I think he was worth it**.

Here he is at home the first few days:

In a stroller at the Zoo:

Hamming it up for Mommy's camera at the park:

And most recently at Graduation last week (the only reason we are the same height is that I was wearing high wedge sandals***):

Happy Birthday Spencer, may you live a long, healthy, creative life. And you will if you stop reminding me how short I am!

Love you baby!

*He'll totally KILL me when he reads that....heh heh heh...

**I'll let you know if I still feel the same way in a few years...

***Just thought I'd clarify that Spencer, because I am painfully aware that you are taller than I am...sigh.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM PDT

    I still say chop his feet off! He won't need giant shoes all the time then.....


  2. Happy Birthday Spencer!!! I still picture you as this little boy with beautiful long eyelashes. You made a good one Donna :) I hope he's having a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Spencer!

    When my son (now 21) approached my height - which doesn't take much - I said to him, 'you'll be bigger than I am soon, but I will always be meaner'. He said 'I know' and we both survived his adolescence quite nicely! I call it 'parenting through fear'. :)

  4. Anonymous6:30 AM PDT

    Awwww... Happy Birthday Spencer!

  5. Ohhh crud! I am late (behind on blog reading--drats!)


    (and mom, too--I dunno about you, but my kid's b-day always feels a bit like my own for some reason LOL)