Monday, July 07, 2008

Viggo Hangover.....

OK...guess since everyone else has already posted about Saturday, guess I should get my bum in gear and post too!

But first...Friday was spent sleeping in (YAY!), chatting with my Honey and Family (double YAY!) and getting ready for Saturday.

...and...finalizing carpooling plans for Saturday's Knit/Movie fest over at AmpuT's house.

Saturday morning, Rachel swung by my place for a quick pick up and we headed up to Casa de Cute Doggie (AmpuT's place).

This be the cute dogdog Riley... guarding Rachel's Spinning Wheel. Which was totally cool by the way. Saw for the first time, up close and personal, someone spinning. Way COOOOL! (Don't worry wallet, you are safe...wool sensitive, remember?)

And here we have the most wonderful hostess and awesomest cook AmpuT and the Spinning Rachel..with Riley in all his cuteness between:

We had brunch, knitted, spun, played with cute dogdog and the whole time the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Viggo I, II, and III) was playing for our viewing pleasure.


Extended versions of all 3 no less...more Viggo!!!! And can I just say OMG at the things that were taken out....I must say, I had a hard time concentrating on anything cos of all the 'new' stuff I hadn't seen. Definitely cut out some important character development stuff and some really important bits!!!

And you read right...ALL 3... Rachel left after the first I think - it's all just a big Viggo blurrrr - she had to get going to go with her hubby to another function (social butterfly that one!).

AmpuT totally twisted my arm and FORCED me to watch ALL 3 movies in ONE DAY!!! Actually it wasn't really all that hard to do...after the first one, I was hooked. Sigh...Viggo, I am SOOOOOOOO easy when it comes to you!!!

What projects were worked on? Rachel spun for a bit - fascinating, then joined us on the couch to knit on a sweater, AmpuT was working on a sweater - and tinking a lot, Viggo can be distracting that way you know - and then a scarf, and I finished up an important piece of my sister's gift, and then took apart my mom's sock and then started up on a blankie for Spencer.

I know, I know, I wasn't going to start another knitting project...but I just couldn't concentrate enough on the gift or the socks while the movie was playing to work on them any further. The blankie for Spencer is 200 or so stitches on big needles, garter stitch. Perfect mindless knitting for Viggo watching.'ll be good for a 'something different for a night' break once I finish up the gift and the socks and start on the quilts.

This one will rest in Mr. Stuffles until I need it for zoning out.

Since I didn't get home until 1:30am Sunday morning, I slept in late, and spent almost all day talking with Honey (yay Skype!!!), organizing my electronic pattern files, and trying to figure out why the hell I can't get this tiny little tatting shuttle thingy to work properly! Hee Hee it's Monday, and I'm still feeling like I've been up all night (oh yeah, I slept lousy, so I pretty much was), but I still need to work a full day and be productive and all that.

And the guys are ready for me to do my off I go...

Summary: Great time was had by all! But I still can't Tat. Sigh.

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  1. SO much fun. But I have to say, Cute Doggie Riley doesn't look as if he's all that much into guarding my wheel there...