Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yarn Cake Birthday Cake!

Welll....sort of...

This being my birthday and all, I decided to do something a bit...ummm...different. :)

I've got another special, not so secret, but most of all "different" project in the works (coming to needles near you this fall) and I've decided to use the yarn I'm going to be using for the project to ummm...show how old I am...or that I have way too much yarn...or that I've lost my marbles.... The jury is still out on which one...

So...with the help of the Big Bag O' Fake Yarn (cakes) Balls (acrylic)....

...and without further ado...drum roll please...prrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm......






OK...OK...exactly how many fake balls have you got Donna?!?

45...ba dum bum cha!

That's IT!!!!

Well, that's it for the birthday years...but...we still have more balls...mostly wee little fake balls - but they qualify as balls none the less.

...BUT WAIT..there's more...

This little bag o' balls only contains 3 colours. And I'm only typing colours instead of colors cos I'm going to make something British...and they don't spell colors right and I wanna make sure Honey can read this... (love you Honey - it's my birthday, I can be a snarky little snot if I want to - oREGano!)

My Chicago Bears Bear needs a new sweater and hat set. Time to get his footy (that's soccer for us US folks) on with a little Leeds United spirit.

And there you have it my friends. 45 balls old.

Now if you'll excuse me, that was exhausting. Time for this old lady to take a nap. :)


  1. Ok, I'll let you have o-REG-ano cos it's your birthday.... but they're still Herbs with an H, and Hy-un-dai, and Jag-u-ar, and, and.....

    Anyway, Happy Birthday sweetheart, and we'll get some genuine Leeds Utd badges from Elland Road when you and Spence are here.


  2. Happy Birthday! You're quire ballsy today! Fake Ballsy.

    You know, I actually spell colour and behaviour, and I'm sure a few other words the British way.

  3. Fake balls... heh.

    You may claim 45, but I know you're all twelve.


  4. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your balls.

    (I don't think I've ever said that to anyone before...)

  5. Seriously, no balls. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) !!!