Thursday, October 23, 2008


...and other um...natural things.

Just got back from another ride. I'm doing quite well on Sgt. Puff. She's smooth and easy. Oh, and the baskets? They are wonderful. My ugly, plastic, reusable Trader Joe's bags fit perfectly in them.

I took off west down the Contra Costa Canal Trail and on the way home stopped at a Safeway that's right off the trail.

8.66 miles today! And I feel great. All the way home, I kept thinking: "why the hell haven't I done this sooner?"

Oh yeah, I wasn't ready. Even last year I wasn't ready. I got Ms. Puffy and when things went the way of not being able to ride her any more, it took me forever to replace her. The time was right now and I'm very glad I did it. I won't tell you it's all fun and games as yet. It still takes me a while to talk myself into getting suited up to go out. Heck, it's still hot out for criminy's sake! But, once I get out, I feel so much better - not including the occasional coughing/sneezing fits - but those will calm down after the first rain. The Bay Area really needs a good dousing of rain - um...just not when Spencer and I are out riding please! Thank You!

Oh. And now for some Nature. Brought to you by a dry summer, a slight wind and some very "regular" dogs. As in they like to crap on the path and their owners don't poop scoop. Sooo against the rules of the trail!

Anyway, my allergies are getting all worked up over all the dust and other natural things floating about in the wind (that would be evidenced by the sneezing/coughing fits). And I did manage to avoid all the doggie bombs, but I swear, I can still smell the more fresher ones that were out baking in the sun. It's just one of those heavy smells that get stuck in your nose for a bit. Blech.

Thank goodness for fenders. Just in case I don't avoid the doggie bombs. hee hee hee

8.66 miles! And here I was thinking I could only go 5 a day. I don't usually know how many miles I ride til I get home and map it out online. What I do go by, is the time...I ride for x amount of minutes, then turn back. First ride, I went 15 minutes, then turned back and came home - 5 or so miles. This time, I felt so good at 15, I decided to extend to 30 - which ended up as over 8.

Knitting and crafting continues.

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