Wednesday, October 29, 2008




Sewing costume pieces for Spencer...check.

Various chores and other such nasty things...check.

Work, and more work...check.

Making a to-do list for a major purging/organizing project...ummm....working on it.

Got the last basket for the front of Sgt. Puff. It'll take a bit of getting used to it being in front there, but I love it. Pimp My Ride - The Bicycle Edition has finally come to an end I think.

Oh, and TOTALLY loving the Fitness website thingy. I can even add my Push ups for the push up challenge thing I've restarted - cos, yeah, I slacked off when I got sick and then didn't start up again until Monday. Anyway, push ups put a little guy lifting a big dumb bell on the training log calendar. It goes along with the little cycling icon and the occasional walking dude icon. And I can even track my daily pulse, weight, calorie intake, and mood if I want. Think I'll only do that weekly since weighing myself daily is rather counterproductive.

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  1. You're smart to take a break when you're sick. Body needs all of its energy to fight the good fight, not to be out doing other things as well.