Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The easy way out...

Your Attention Span is Medium

Your attention span is just about average.

You may think that you have a short attention span...

But being distracted is something most people struggle with.

The most important thing is that you're aware that your mind wanders.

If you find yourself daydreaming, you can usually snap out of it.

It may be tough to concentrate at times, but you can do it... if you want to!

Ooh...look...more YARN!

Remember the other post when I said I stuffed my cart full of yarn? Well it was these 11 balls of Lion Suede in the Olive color. Have always wanted something made out of this and this is my fav color. And at that price, how could I resist (for those of you who don't have eagle eyes, it's marked at $1.50 per ball)? So...I...um...bought every Olive ball they had...

And I plan on making this. Cos a girl can't have too many bags...and a knitter can't have too many knitting bags. It's a win-win for me I think. YAY!

If I have some left over, well, I'll just have to make...oh, I don't know...another bag!

I win again!!!!

Edited to add: When Honey read the post, we began discussing my ideas about how I was going to line my knitting tote and put in inside pockets, and I'll have to go fabric stash diving and see what I can come up with, etc, and he said: Why don't you line it with some more of that Firemen fabric?

Guess what I'll be ordering soon.

Shopping! And Firemen!

I WIN!!! AGAIN!! wooooooohoooooo!!!!


  1. Ok, so it's been a while since I picked up my needles and I MISS IT! I decided I want to make another baby blanket and decided I wanted to try to find a soft, washable and durable cotton yarn. Was thinking of going to our LYS, but after a little online research I don't think I can afford it! MAN that stuff is expensive! Guess I'm sticking to the craft store brands afterall.

    I was a little bummed to find a scarf I apparently started a while ago on a set of needles and a scarf I completed for my SIL but apparently never sent to her... OPPS!

    Oh, and I always pet that Lion Suede yarn! So Soft! I'm thinking I might follow you and use that TLC Plus for the Baby Blanket. Might even use the same color since they don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

    I'm totally hoping to ride BART this week so I have some knitting time, but I'll have to first remember how :-)

  2. Yay to winning again, and again, and AGAIN!