Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I will have a new friend soon...

Well, Spencer and I went to the bike shop when he got home from school. It was a lovely 20 min stroll with the bike. The bike shop dudes were very helpful and courteous - said the bike just needed a cleaning, a lube and some adjustments. So, we left Spence's bike there for a tune-up and they will also add some fenders. It's going to start raining soon, and well, either you get fenders or you've got that lovely muddy stripe going up your butt and onto your back. And Spencer will be riding every day, definitely had to be done.

While we were there, a very nice young man helped me look at bikes for me - and I found one! Sort of... Now all I need to do is finish saving up the money. Next paycheck, she is M-I-N-E. I still haven't test ridden anything yet, so I'm not even sure it will be my final choice, so I won't show it here just yet. After next paycheck tho, I will have something for you to see.

I'm very excited about getting a comfortable, sturdy bike - and riding it everywhere. Just in time for cooler weather and rainy season. But, I'm not afraid to get wet - and I'm going to have fenders put onto it tho cos I'm just not into the stripey-butt look.

Anyway, so far this bike shop is a keeper. The staff is friendly and knowledgable, and with a younger man (under 20) who was very courteous and respectful - it has promise. Once we get Spencer's bike back, we'll see how good of a job their mechanics did...if we like it, and I buy a bike from them, I'll let you know who they are, if not well, they won't get my recommendation.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and about to even more places than before...I have special plans for next month, but only if I get a bike, so you'll have to wait. hee hee

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