Friday, December 19, 2008

Now we can enjoy Honey's visit...

Hi All!

Honey made it here in one piece and has been very patient as I work out this week. As of 5pm today, tho, I'm on Xmas Vacation! YAY!

Today we took a long lunch and walked over to our favorite bike shop and purchased a used bike for Honey. We got a great deal. Once Honey heads back home, Spencer will be able to use it to ride around with me on the weekends. It's a very nice bike and the same type of one that was stolen from the BART station, only a newer model.

Honey has been spending his time working on a loaner bike we got from Spencer's Dad. It's a piece of crap bike that needed some chain oil and some brake ajustments. Honey has wonderfully done that and will test it out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is filled with bike testing, taking some stuff for donation, Spencer's soccer game and if there's any energy left - we will put up the Xmas tree and decorate up the apartment.

Sunday morning will hopefully be weather friendly enough for us all to hop on the bikes and hit the trail for a morning pit stop at Peet's and then a stop at Sports Basement to get some more locks and see what other sort of essential bike accessories we just have to have. hee hee

I am just so excited to get us all out and on bikes together. Going to have lots of fun.

Now all we need is Mother Nature to cooperate with some lovely weather.

J: We don't mind the rain. And yes, I was riding thru Heather Farms last Thursday, hope I didn't cut you off or anything. Was my first time riding in the darkness. Yes, my hair is long and I had it in braids. Did you notice my bright coral pink jacket?


  1. Enjoy your biking and Honey's visit. TAG! I tagged you for a meme (after his visit).

  2. I'm glad you don't mind rain, since it rained yesterday! :)

    I thought that was you! No, you didn't cut me off, I was getting out of my car, and so didn't really see your face, which is why I thought, oh, was that Donna? And yes, a perfect jacket to ride on a dark evening!