Thursday, December 04, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy....

So, I'm at the local Trader Joe's and I text the kid.

Me: Where's Waldo?

Him: Waiting for the bus home. It's cold. Brrrr.

Me: I'm at the store, you want anything?

Him: Big chocolate chip cookies

(TJ's sells these totally yummy big choco chip cookies that totally rock)

Me: OK, anything else?

Him: Just wanna get home. Bus is late and it's cold out here.

Me: OK sweetie see you soon. :)

So I gather up what I was going to get, throw in some Big Oatmeal Raisin cookies - no more choco chip - they are totally popular and go fast. And on the way up to check out I remember that we don't have any more Hot Cocoa Powder mix. So I decide to get more and find...

The best sounding hot cocoa mix ever.

Trader Joe's Natural Mint Cocoa hot cocoa mix.

Oh. My. God. Made with Vanilla Extract and Peppermint oil. THAT sounds good. Just what Spencer could use after waiting outside for a late bus.

Pop back to dairy and grab some whip cream for an extra treat.

texting the kid again....

Me: Are you on the bus yet?

Him: yes, just came.

Me: Let me know when you pass the high school and I'll put in some milk for hot cocoa.

Him: OOOh...that sounds great Mom. I could use something warm.

Me: See you soon.

Him: OK

Even if I can't finish his scarf like, yesterday, I can keep him warm in other ways. :o)

Now we're both sitting around with our mint hot cocoa with a squirt of whip cream on top. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Well, I was cold too!

Ooh...Honey, can't wait to make you some! If the weather keeps up as it is, we'll be having some every night after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, time to go heat up some leftovers. Now that we're warmed up, we can eat in peace.

And I just might have to make another cup after dinner as I knit on his scarf. We keep the temp chilly in the Chaos - saving on the heating bill and all you know. That's what hand knit blankies and warm, fluffy kitties and all that are for...


  1. I'm trying to not turn on the heater until January. It's getting mighty hard, but I'm that cheap! I look at the thermostat while my feet are numb and my nose is like ice, and it says a balmy 64 degrees. Nope, it's not cold enough. How about knitting up a lovely hat to keep you warm!

    Mmm... hot chocolate with whipped cream sound delish. Perfect after dinner snack tonight. I love TJ's.


  2. Oooh, chocolate and peppermint... I wonder if I could make peppermint icing for chocolate cake? No whipped cream though, that would make it fattening!

    Stew and dumplings, that's what you need when it's cold - yum yum!

    x x x

  3. We have some peppermint chocolate coco mix that we got as a gift or something. Maya had some last night, while watching Polar Express. She liked it. :)

    We have heater fights around here. Ted sets it at 72, I move it down to 69 or 70. 64 Cherry? You're cheaper than I am!