Friday, January 30, 2009

Some sort of nesting going on....

...or should I say hoarding...

Anyway, I've been busy this week.

Emotionally, it's been a roller coaster.

Wow, this is my chance to switch careers. OMG, PANIC! What in the hell am I going to do if I don't do software? Everything is going to be OK, relax, you have until May 15th. Do I REALLY have until May 15th? OMG, PANIC! Seriously, I'm OK with's time to move on.

Etc etc etc.

Getting very tired of it.

Any moment now, I suspect my head will start spinning and I'll be spewing tonight's dinner (tortellini with garlic marinara sauce by the way - was yum on the way down).

Everything else-wise...I've had a friend's car for the week while he and his wife were out of town (you know who you are - THANKS!!!) All I had to do was drop them off at the airport and pick them up when they got back - and make sure to fill up the tank, of course. :)

Boy, am I glad I really don't have a car. On the one hand, it was wonderfully convenient. On the other, I've become a lazy-ass shop-a-holic. And that was just the first two damn days. Good grief. Was teasing my friend via text that his car was costing me a fortune!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

I did manage to get some long overdue errands done that I've been putting off for the longest time and Spencer, Antonella and I went to shops and restaurants that we wouldn't normally go to on bus or bike. We used the car wisely...hee hee. And as much as I'm calling myself a lazy ass, I really didn't use it as much as I could have...Just the weekend and a few nights out for dinner.

As for the hoarding, well, since I did have a car, I hit the stores and stocked up on toiletries, cleaning stuff, cat litter, etc. The biggest containers I could get my hands on too. Several of each. Why not.

It cost me a big chunk of change, but one part of me said, "You got the car, take advantage of it, you are running out of everything." The other part of me said, "Stock up now while you still got the chunks of change. That way you won't have to worry about it later."

Then I got it all home and said "Where the hell am I going to put it?!?"

Worked that out.

Been reading again.

And doing a bit of organizing. Thinking of dusting off the Job Basket again. Yes, I've been ignoring it since the Holidays. Well, DUH. Is anyone really all that surprised I slacked off. Chaos. Hello.

Been ignoring my bike...she is feeling very neglected. Maybe Spencer will be successful in getting me out on her this weekend. We're going to continue with the clear weather/sunshine, need to take advantage of it!

Been knitting as much as I can on Spencer's argyle scarf that no matter how long it gets, it's still not long enough. Been knitting on that damned thing since November (ACK) and it's STILL not done. This is the last time I'm using such a complicated technique on such a looooooong project.

Feel free to remind me I just said that when I announce I've decided to make a double knitted argyle queen sized afghan - cos you know I'll forget all about the argyle scarf from hell and decide to do something completely and utterly stupid like that...sigh.

It stopped being "fun" and "cool" about 6 pattern repeats ago. I'm currently at 20. I've estimated that I need to do 33.


You know, I thought when I first signed in that I've got nothing to say, why am I even here...and then stuff just started spewing forth.

Guess we're all just really lucky it's not the tortellini with marinara sauce, eh?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Herrrrrrrrreeeee Kitty Kitty....

...check out the KitKat Clock on the side...

Best thing? I have one just like it in my kitchen. hee hee hee

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sammie Sunday...Dinner Edition...

Don't bother me woman...I'm eating!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fighting the urge to dive into a pint of Ben and Jerry's

Why? I'm being "tranisitioned out" of my company. My last day is May 15th.

Last Friday, one of five in my group was laid off. Today, myself and another team member were transitioned. He leaves the end of February.

Our boss is no longer a boss, he is back coding.

There are two folks left for the long run - we think. We still haven't heard from them.

We all got suspicious after the Holidays when our boss asked for a "Skills Set/Experience" thing.

In software, it means only one thing. Downsizing and you are hanging on by the skin of your teeth.

With no cavities, you'd think my teeth would be a lot stronger.

Anyway, after watching things like this happen to everyone else for the last 9 years I've been in this software company (and all past lives thereof), it was only a matter of time before it happened to me. Sooner or later your luck runs out.

Guess who's not going to the Casino this weekend.

What to do now. For now, I continue on...start getting myself and my resume in order and see what's out there.

Maybe now I'll lose some weight...have to so I can fit into my "interview" clothes. :)

Was just joking with Honey. I'll call it the "Transition Diet", write a book and make a fortune.

Maybe I'll reinvent myself and switch careers. What was the name of that book AmpuT?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Commenting on Comments... the comments.

Was trying to comment in blog posts and stuff, but by the time I read the comments, then drag myself into blogger to write up a new post, well, the thought is gone, so I'm going to make comments immediately right then and there...right where you made your original comments.

Seems the easiest thing for me to do and now it won't seem like I'm ignoring anyone. :)


Today while out and about enjoying the lovely weather, Antonella, Spencer and I came across a very long line.

We were very curious to see what the line was for, so we followed it along.

Further and further we went...people of all types waiting in line. We thought maybe it was to get into a new shop...a book signing maybe? Someone famous?

When we got to the front... it was a line to apply for jobs at the CheeseCake Factory that will be opening soon in downtown Walnut Creek.

Goosebumps covered my body and a chill went down my spine. I really can't explain it, but I felt so strange seeing all these people in line. Like the bad economy was "real". Now, don't get me wrong, I know it's REAL. I've been living my life for so long watching every penny, cutting corners where I could. Living as simply as I could, buying second hand, nothing if it's not on sale or lifestyle has not changed because of the bad economy. More and more other folks I know are starting to live as I have lived for a long time. It's second hat to me, so it was nothing "new".

You know how you see on TV, long lines to apply for jobs. The economy is bad, so retirees are going back to work, etc etc etc. It was always surreal, in another world. It's so different to see it in real life.

We looked back along the line. People of all ages, dressed all different ways, from suits to casual, young mothers with babies, teens, people of retirement age. There were so many. All lining up to fill out a form and take their chances to work at a restaurant. So many more people than there were jobs to fill.

(Not sure if I've explained myself here, pardon my brain barf.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last minute Sammie Sunday

See that lump? That's Sammie...asleep under my duvet.


....I have decided I need to get out more...

I've just updated my Training Log over at and it's waaaaaaaay too empty. Not enough little stick man walking icons or stick man cycling icons. And that's with adding all the times Honey and I went out while he was here. He left and the activity ended (get your minds out of the gutter!).


I don't like seeing an empty training calendar...must put more icons on it!!!!!

No more excuses...the bug is gone...out I go!!!! No more lolly-gagging on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

NOTE: I have gone out both yesterday and today, so I have been trying these past few days. Day off tomorrow...I'm out again!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miracles Do Happen...

This is just amazing...

Now, if I could only get rid of this stomach bug that's been hanging on since Monday. Thank God I work at home - 'nuf said.

Some knitting on the Argyle Scarf happening, a new blanket project started. Both of these projects are pretty cool and I enjoy working on them.

No bike riding happening...which is a real damn shame because the weather is just AWESOME!!! Poor Sgt. Puff sits lonely and neglected out on the porch...sigh.

I sit inside at my computer working and wishing I was outside with the wind in my braids...SIGH.

Sunday, January 11, 2009





WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT to make this.... click thru if you like Dr. Who

New Thing....Sammie on Sunday

Hi Everyone! I've come up with something new....

Sammie on Sunday

Sammie is my 15yr old little Princess Kitty and Spencer's big Sis. :)

So now, for every Sunday, I will feature a photo of my kitty doing whatever she is doing on that Sunday.

For this first one, I'll put a few photos I've take over the last week and one I took when I first got my phone. These today are all phone photos, so forgive if they are blurry or whatever.

Everyone, this is Sammie, Sammie - this is everyone.

Here she is snoozing (her fav activity) on my comforter. Camouflage...she's doin' it right.

Here she is helping me knit last night - or was it Friday night? I sit up in bed, turn on the heated blanket and sit and knit while it warms up the bed. Sammie likes to "help".

Here we are Wednesday night - the day Honey left. Sitting on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves and just a bit cranky.

We're the Knitting Mafia - don't mess with us, we're bad ass and have pointy sticks!

Good heavens! We're scary looking...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Up and Out and Getting Back to Life

Well, guess that means I am out of the Self-Pity-Pit. Party's over!

Still sad about Honey being back in the UK - he made it safely BTW. We are chatting a bit online before he zombie walks off to bed. He's trying to stay awake until bedtime (it'll be an early bedtime, but at least the sun will have been set for a few hours).

But...I'm getting back into the swing of things. Have to... no choice. There's a kid to take care of, work to be done, and well, a whole basket full of jobs, and a shitload of knitting to be done, etc etc etc...

This time of year, people make resolutions. I don't. Just more deadlines that I can't keep to...and more unnecessary pressure on myself. I have enough stress with normal life - don't need to add any more.

What do I do? Well nothing about resolutions really. I mean, I do stuff as I get to it - there is no sitting idly in the Chaos, but I don't set expectations for myself. Only sets me up for major disappointment when I don't do what I wanted. Life is always interrupting here in the Chaos - we have learned to "Go with the flow".

I know the things that I want to do in the back of my head. I keep them there, safely filed away. There are personal things, project things, organizing things. If I write them down or say them aloud - life usually steps in and ruins my plans. Sometimes things have to be put out there in the Universe - most of those are personal and they get "put out". The others? I pull them out as I can and take care of things here and there - that's how we roll in the Chaos.

Things get done - sometimes quickly, most of the time not so quickly. But they get done. And when they are done, I will toot my horn and tell you all about it. :)

That's my view on resolutions. At least that's what it started out as....sigh.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Giving in...


Honey left this morning so I'm feeling a bit if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wallow down here at the bottom of the Honey-left-this-morning-blues-pit-of-self-pity for a bit. Have been trying to keep myself from sliding down into it all day, but gah - it's too much work - and it won't hurt to wallow a bit today.

Don't worry. I brought knitting. And cinammon pita chips.

And I won't be down here very long. Spencer comes back over to my place tonight - we've got lots to do - I'll have to claw my way up from the pit whether I like it or not.

In the meantime...check out this home made light box while I'm off wallowing. Spencer and I have been wanting to make one for a while and this one I found over at the blog seems to be the most clever one yet - and cheapest.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Even before it was Xmas, my true love made for me....

....a recycled bike rack for my balcony......

Once Ms Puffy went on her merry way (sniff), we still had 3 bikes to store on the back porch (balcony). My bike can't stand on it's own on the kickstand (it's just too heavy for it now with all the added "armor" as Spencer calls my baskets), the kickstand just doesn't work on Spencer's, and while Honey's bike can stand on it's kickstand, well... there just isn't any room for all of them.

Off we go to Sports stores, Target, Bike Stores. Didn't have anything I could use out on the porch that didn't either suspend the bikes from the ceiling, hang them on the wall or cost an arm and a leg.

Switch to Honey and Me standing out on the porch looking at all the crap that's out there (don't forget to read all Honey's parts with an English accent)...

Me: I really need to get rid of all this crap out here. We need to make some space for the bikes.
Honey: It can wait sweetheart.
Me: We need room for the bikes, it's gotta go. Now.
Honey: Hmmmmmmm...
Me: When Spencer gets home the two of you can take those old drawer things down to the dumpster. I've been wanting to take them down forever, but just never get around to it.

(The drawers were something I got free from the Thrift Store. They were 3 separate drawers, each in their own 'box' thing. I had brought them home, stacked, and screwed them together, then added wheels and Spencer used it as art supply/toy storage when he was little. They were now dismantled and out on the porch, gathering dirt and dust and piled up against the far wall annoying me.)

Honey (grabbing one and standing it on end): I think I can use these to make you a bike rack. Sure you don't want them for anything else?

Me: I was ready to throw them out, do whatever you want.

Honey: Where are your tools sweetheart?

Add tools...

Gratuitous Honey Bum Shot...

Drawers taken out and dismantled, holes cut where wheels can roll in, the whole lot screwed together (conveniently there were 3 drawers for our 3 bikes - it was meant to be).


Spencer's bike in the rack...

Close up of the drawer sides screwed on to stabilize the rack...

All the bikes parked and Happy! From the left, Honey's bike, Spencer's bike and Sgt. Puff aka the "Tank "

More bum shots just to make it fair...

Kitty's little bum didn't escape Honey's camera either...

And now, a trip to the hardware store for some "Ooops" paint. I'm going to scrub it clean and paint it nice and purty-like once the weather warms up and dries out.

I LOVE our new bike rack. The bikes fit in perfect and it all just works so wonderfully and Honey made it - custom, just for us.

Making the rack kept Honey busy while I worked, he got to use power tools on his vacation, and the whole thing was made from stuff I had around the apartment - we didn't buy anything to make it - anything! So that makes it free!

Thanks so much HONEY!!!

I think I'll keep you. SMOOOOCH!