Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Thing....Sammie on Sunday

Hi Everyone! I've come up with something new....

Sammie on Sunday

Sammie is my 15yr old little Princess Kitty and Spencer's big Sis. :)

So now, for every Sunday, I will feature a photo of my kitty doing whatever she is doing on that Sunday.

For this first one, I'll put a few photos I've take over the last week and one I took when I first got my phone. These today are all phone photos, so forgive if they are blurry or whatever.

Everyone, this is Sammie, Sammie - this is everyone.

Here she is snoozing (her fav activity) on my comforter. Camouflage...she's doin' it right.

Here she is helping me knit last night - or was it Friday night? I sit up in bed, turn on the heated blanket and sit and knit while it warms up the bed. Sammie likes to "help".

Here we are Wednesday night - the day Honey left. Sitting on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves and just a bit cranky.

We're the Knitting Mafia - don't mess with us, we're bad ass and have pointy sticks!

Good heavens! We're scary looking...


  1. Oh! I love Sammie Sundays!

    I should do something similar with my boys, especially since they are my main photography subjects. However I'm pretty sure most of the photos will be of them sleeping oh right, and "helping" me knit. They are good at that too.

    Pretty Snowy Princess!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM PST

    It's about time I saw what Sammy looked like!