Monday, January 19, 2009


Today while out and about enjoying the lovely weather, Antonella, Spencer and I came across a very long line.

We were very curious to see what the line was for, so we followed it along.

Further and further we went...people of all types waiting in line. We thought maybe it was to get into a new shop...a book signing maybe? Someone famous?

When we got to the front... it was a line to apply for jobs at the CheeseCake Factory that will be opening soon in downtown Walnut Creek.

Goosebumps covered my body and a chill went down my spine. I really can't explain it, but I felt so strange seeing all these people in line. Like the bad economy was "real". Now, don't get me wrong, I know it's REAL. I've been living my life for so long watching every penny, cutting corners where I could. Living as simply as I could, buying second hand, nothing if it's not on sale or lifestyle has not changed because of the bad economy. More and more other folks I know are starting to live as I have lived for a long time. It's second hat to me, so it was nothing "new".

You know how you see on TV, long lines to apply for jobs. The economy is bad, so retirees are going back to work, etc etc etc. It was always surreal, in another world. It's so different to see it in real life.

We looked back along the line. People of all ages, dressed all different ways, from suits to casual, young mothers with babies, teens, people of retirement age. There were so many. All lining up to fill out a form and take their chances to work at a restaurant. So many more people than there were jobs to fill.

(Not sure if I've explained myself here, pardon my brain barf.)


  1. I wonder if they are known for good wages? But you do know that every station will be filled in a Cheesecake factory and it is overpriced so maybe the tips are really good.

    I admit we've gotten really lazy with our careful spending. But we are trying harder again. Planning meals, sticking to shopping lists, etc.

  2. Incredible. I've been trying to stimulate the economy but thus far it hasn't worked.

  3. dunno about the wages, but i'm sure I would have been beat down if I had gone in to ask...they didn't look at all happy to be waiting in line...maybe it was the fact that they all had so much competition. One thing I did notice lately, all the retirees rejoining the work force - esp at the groc stores. THey are supposed to be enjoying their retirement....