Thursday, February 26, 2009

A busy night last night...

...things are all a-buzz in the Chaos lately.

Some of the reasons can't be revealed just yet, but they will soon...after Stitches.

Yes, I'm going to Stitches!!! Hitching a ride with the AmpuT early on Saturday morning.

I'll be looking for you No-Blog-Rachel!!!

We have all been very creative lately.

Even Ms Cow has gotten the "I need to make something NOW" bug.

We set off to JoAnn's Craft Superstore with our 40% off coupon yesterday at lunch.

You see, Ms Cow needs a Tea Set. Now, we've been to Japantown, Chinatown, every toy store in the area, have searched Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, everywhere...and no where...NO WHERE have we found a tea set sized for use by the Cows. We did find a teapot in Chinatown (which is a bit on the small side), but no tea cups were to be had anywhere! Now, if Cow and Ms Cow were sized the same as Barbie, this would be a non-issue...

Well, being frustrated by the whole situation and Ms Cow being the take charge crafter that she is...we decided to make our own.

So we needed clay.

Since when are there so many freakin types of clay?

Anyway, after much scrunching of brows, looks of dismay, feelings of despair, and knashing of teeth...we decided to get some Super Sculpey. Once we're done shaping it up, it will be baked in the oven and then we can paint it.

Here is Ms Cow with her first little ball of clay. This will soon become a tea cup.

We had lots of fun working with the Super Sculpey. It's very soft and pliable and won't dry out since it doesn't harden unless you bake it. So far so good. We'll keep you all posted on our progress.

Here's Ms Cow with her evenings worth of work:

Four tea cups, four saucers, a sugar bowl (with lid even!!!) and a creamer (with a spout!!!).

She's very clever and good with the clay our Ms Cow...

We won't be able to use the teapot we have with the cups we're making, it's too small for these Cow Sized cups. But, we can at least use it as a model for one we can make ourselves. Ms Cow really likes the shape of it.

Can't wait to make more things with this's fun!!!

Meanwhile, Ms Cow, Spencer, and I are preparing for Stitches...and the Kublacon!


  1. I have heard of this Stitches event before but don't know what it is. You know I am new to this yarny love business... please enlighten. Do I need to be there too?

    or will I be sad that stupid carpal tunnel crap is keeping me from the needles?

  2. :) You guys have a super fun weekend!