Friday, February 06, 2009

Calgon...take me away...Seriously! Please, take me away...

To say that I am very happy it's Friday is an understatement.

This week has been rough.

I've had the sinus issues from hell, headaches included...oh the aching head...Sigh.

Work has been hard to do and just plain hard...just can't get all that excited when you've got one foot out the door, know what I mean? Especially when you'll be working your fingers to the bone until the other foot makes it out the door. Sigh.

My favorite hair stylist has fallen off the face of the earth. Short version, I have been very bad and haven't been for a haircut since last March. Decided I should get my hair done all nice for the impending interviews. No salon, no Chris, no forwarding info left on the window. All long gone. Sigh.

Another friend got laid off today. And more friends fearing the worst. Sigh.

Every mainenance worker that ever lived, has been right outside my apartment window today. It's usually quite noisy round these parts during the day. But today has taken the cake. We've had tree dudes here this week with chainsaws trimming the big pines scattered throughout the complex. Today they have been right outside my window. All day.

I have been listening to saws and the chipper thing. All. Day. Long. SIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.

Not to mention, the carpet cleaners with their noisy van. Oh and the complex is having the pool resurfaced. Yeah, that truck makes a shitload of noise too. Sigh.

Oh, and the ever present Leaf Blower Dudes. Rain or shine those asses are here with their stupid leaf blowers. Haven't you blown everything away... YET?!??!?!?!



Yes, the headache is getting worse. And I can't even go lay down and relax cos I'm on the corner and one side is the pool and carpet trucks, the other is the chipper, saws, and blowers.

So yeah, Calgon...come take me away from the madness!!!

Oh and the cat slept thru it all! The NERVE!!!!


Knitting on the argyle scarf continues...still...23 of 30 or so repeats done. Remember when I first started and said I needed to do 16 repeats? Yeah, Donna and her brilliant Maths strike again.

Shouldn't be allowed to play with pointy sticks. Really, I shouldn't.

I'm trying to see the bright side here...more than half way done. Not working. Sigh. and GAH.


  1. Well, we need the rain, so there's that. I know what you mean about the noise...I live right by all of that construction they're doing at PH BART. Did you know they work on Saturday mornings, too? Yeah, they start at 7, 6 days a week.

    I've taken to getting my hair done at Paul Mitchell school in Pleasant Hill. It's CHEAP, and they do a pretty good job. Good thing to think about when you're pinching pennies.

    It is very hard to work when one foot is out the door, I agree. Sigh.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. All that noise would drive me batty too. So sorry about the salon. That's a tough one. You should check out the Paul Mitchell place. Julie's hair is always gorgeous :D

  3. I'm def going to check out Paul Mitchell. Have been meaning to, but I didn't want to cheat on Chris. Then he just left me! The nerve.

    Oh, and I'll stop whining about the noise. Don't know how you deal with it J. Usually, it doesn't bother me...unless it's right outside my window. :)