Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not just another pretty face...

...or should I say bike?

We're taking a break from Sammie Sunday...if I get my energy back, I'll post a photo of her tomorrow...

Today, Spencer and I participated in the Critical Move for The Bike Kitchen. Check out the "Latest News" section on the page...the 2/22 entry.

(Spencer and I discovered The Bike Kitchen in January. It's an awesome place with really cool people.)

Yes, you read it correctly. Moving The Bike Kitchen by bike. In the rain. By bike. Did I mention it was raining?!?

Oh man, what an experience. Spencer and I got up early this morning. Rode to BART in the rain (I remembered that I had rain ponchos - which helped - just a little). Rode to the old location - again in the rain.

And we made 3 trips together with the rest of the folks who also came to help. Spencer had his large messenger bag...and for the second trip, actually carried some tires over his shoulder. I had my metal baskets and bungee cords. :) OOOOh, on the last trip, Spencer even pulled a trailer with a small filing cabinet on it!!! And my pretty, girlie bike worked so hard today. She did great!!! She's not just another pretty bike...she can haul with the big bikes!

The hard core trailer pullers probably made quite a few more runs than we did, but after a point, there was nothing small left for us to carry.

There were lots of bikers there with trailers and these really cool bikes. The back carry thingy actually folds down and can carry quite a bit of stuff.

Since it was so rainy out, I didn't take my camera. There were plenty of other folks documenting the process though. One girl from a local high school - The Bike Kitchen is the subject of her senior photography project. A couple of guys from City College in SF - doing a documentary about the The Bike Kitchen. Several other video cameras and still cameras were around as well. Once they all post links and stuff, I'll link to them and then you'll be able to see all the folks who participated and you'll probably think we were all crazy to do this in the rain.

I have to admit that yes, we were, but Spence and I had a good time and so did everyone there. We met and talked to a lot of really nice people. (oh, and AmpuT, Spencer got to talk lots of bikebikebikebike...with everyone.) And we got interviewed a few times for the documentaries. I'm so proud of Spencer for following thru with this...he was the only kid there. And we were the only mother-son team there. One guy even called us rock stars since everyone wanted to talk to us.

Spencer and I won't be too difficult to spot. I had a bright orange rain poncho on, and Spencer had a blue rain poncho on...and everyone just kept taking our pictures...guess not too many parents hang with their kids?

Anyway...yesterday we helped a friend move to a new apartment...and today we did the Bike Kitchen thing.

Can I rest now?!?!?!?!


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  1. Sounds exhausting!!!
    How wonderful of you both to have done so much hard work in helping others this weekend!