Monday, February 23, 2009

Sammie on Sunday Plus One Day

As promised, a delayed Sammie on Sunday photo...

She was half asleep and purring on my lap. Helping me warm up after my long day out in the rain.

I've entered our rides into the MapMyFitness log.

Round trip to BART (home station) => 5.97miles

Ride from Powell St BART to Bike Kitchen old location => .79 miles

Back and forth with 3 loads for the Critical Move => 6.81 miles

Ride from Bike Kitchen new location to 16th St BART => .89 miles

Over 14 miles...good wonder we were beat yesterday when we got home.

We're very glad we did it though as it gave us both a sense of accomplishment.

We were very productive and made ourselves useful the entire weekend. :)

I think I'm going to buy myself something little and purty at Stitches West on Saturday.

Spencer is watching some eBay auctions for bike parts...he deserves a part or two for his new bike.

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  1. Yay - you'll be at Stitches! I'll be there Saturday for a while too - look for me, ok?