Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sammie Sunday, Superbowl Edition


Sammie doesn't like football.

But it seems that she may indeed like my latest project.

Here she is giving it a preliminary inspection.

I call it "Random Acts of Acrylic"

I picked up a Tunisian Crochet hook at the January Sock Club gathering/shopping meet-up and am using random balls of all the acrylic I've managed to find so far stashed in boxes all over the apartment.

This Tunisian Crochet technique uses 3 different colors at once. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, I've got about 50 billion or so random balls of acrylic in a big bag (showed you all only 45 of them on my birthday this past summer, remember?). Once I run out of a color, I pick one out of the Big Bag. So far so good, as this is turning out a lot better than I expected. It's very colorful, and well, Random! I should have enough acrylic balls to make either one humongous blanket or several small ones. Not sure which just yet. All I know is, it's easy and definitely mindless - very good to work on after I've been working on my harder project (the Argyle Scarf).

Right now, this one seems to be about a lap size blankie (I just made a base chain and kept going until I got tired of making one - don't know how many stitches cos I didn't count). Can always pick up stitches along one (or both) side(s) once I get it to length if I'm not happy with the width. And like the tutorial says, it does curl a lot, so I'll be crocheting some sort of edging round the whole shebang once I get it to where I want it.

I don't expect this one to be completed until next winter as I plan to work on it whenever I feel the spirit move me...very randomly...hee hee hee...

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