Monday, February 16, 2009

Took a chance...

...but kept the receipt.

Headed to Ross along with my shopping buddy Antonella tonight.

Bought two suits for interviews - brand name suits for good prices.

They are petite cut and awesome - no taking up the sleeves or hemming the jacket or the skirts!!!

But they don't quite fit.

Better get out on the bike more and pop in more of my many exercise DVD's.

I have hopes of fitting into them. One is one size too small, the other is two sizes too small. And yes, I did look for them in bigger sizes, but no luck.

I've kept the receipt and haven't cut off the tags yet, just in case real life interferes and I don't lose what I need to lose.

I want to at least get into the one that's one size too small - that's sooooo close.

Did I mention I don't have to take up the hems?

The cuts are modern, but not trendy or "young". Once they fit, they will outline my figure without being tight or revealing. Professional. Love them.

I just couldn't bring myself to buy a Mrs. Roper Moo-Moo suit from the woman's section. Just too much fabric and no shape at all.

I may be overweight, but I do have a figure and I like to see it. The right cut looks classy - it will show off your figure without putting too much emphasis on it. And these suits have the right cut for my short body.

I'm a woman, not a blob.

I will buy a "normal" size suit if I have to go bigger, but by God, I just don't want to...the tailor's bill would be enormous. They'd have to adjust the shoulders, sleeves and take in some on the waist of the jacket and probably the length, and then take up about 10-12 inches off the skirt or pants.

It'll be easier to lose 10 lbs. (hopefully more) - and that can only help my health and self confidence. Which will definitely help me when I go for the inevitable interviews.

It's been so long since I've been in the job search market that I'll take all the help in the self confidence department I can get. I'm not as young as I used to be and the competition now will be fierce.


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  1. Ugh. I hate the pressure of it all. BUT, I'm also hoping to lose some weight before buying new clothes. Dang middle age! Anyway, good luck, and I hope you fit into the cuter of the two. :)

    I thought of you when I saw these slippers...they made me almost wish I could knit, though not quite enough to make me actually learn:

    I'd buy them if I saw them in the store, though. Cute!