Saturday, March 28, 2009

D'Lynn Designs is Open for Business!

Hi everyone!

This is what I've been working on this week.

D'Lynn Designs Artisan Studio over on is officially open for business! WOOOHOOOO!

I decided to just go for it and open a new online store. First I came upon the Phat Fiber Sample Box. Then I thought for a bit...checked out my supplies...thought some more...and decided, why not?

I read about on a couple of the craft blogs that I subscribe to...and figured...I should do that.

If you want to check it out, Register on . I really like it so far. It's quite a bit different from Etsy, but it seems easier to use to me. The link above there is linked to my Studio, so if enough of you decide to sign up, I get my Studio for free. It doesn't really matter if you do or not, since I got into an early deal of $7 a month for life for the first few thousand crafters to sign up. There are only 111 accounts left at that price last time I just checked (just now). Otherwise, it's $20 a month. There are no extra fees...ever. And if you sell something - you keep it all! No selling fees, no listing fees - EVER!

I am VERY excited to have this new shop. I've spent all week making up samples for Phat Fiber, and then making up new things to put into the Studio. It's the most fun working I've ever had... It was wonderful to have Spencer and Honey helping me and cheering me on the whole way.

Anyway, pop over to the shop, have a look around, tell your friends and enjoy!!!

Oh yes, I have started up a blog for the shop. I'll be posting new additions to the shop, specials, and so on, so subscribe and follow along in the adventures of the D'Lynn Designs Studio!